Sunday, June 1, 2014

For the First Time In Forever

Aside from being a Frozen reference, it really is a first time in forever - to meet online friends in real life, more special because people in the province/mountains (like me) have less than 5% of actually meeting one or two.

So yeah, this Pasayahan sa Lucena (Quezon Province), May 28th, 2013, two of my best otaku buddies, Jake Yuon and Rhain, actually went here (despite the fact that they had to leave early so they didn't really catch the main cosplay event). I've never been so happy in my life like this.

It was kind of trembling, nostalgic, unexplainable mix of fear and happiness - heck, even now, the thing doesn't sink in just yet. I still think of everything that happened on that day was a dream, like every other dream I had of these two (that I've met them somewhere in Manila/Quezon City LOL), but yeah, I guess it was all too real. :'D

My cousin (Kuya Ryan) fetched these two from Lucena Grand Central Terminal and they went with me to the house of my bf (Champ Camba), where we offered them Chami, which is Lucena City's specialty noodles with sauce.

After that, we went strolling in Pacific Mall / Metro Gaisano to get a glimpse of the grand parade outside (too bad my bf was busy at work but he supported us big time!) where we met a few local celebrities, e.g. Chicser and Nash Aguas (with tons of fangirls screaming like hell XD).

Since the cosplay event won't be until 9 PM, we had no choice but to a mini-cosplay photoshoot back at my bf's house, since they'll be going home very very soon, and I can't let the chance pass us by. Jake went as Yato from Noragami, Rhain went as Makishima Yuusuke from Yowamushi Pedal, and I (as usual) went as Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata/Beyond the Boundary.

The only big difference is that they lent me a legit Mirai wig and glasses! Since I'm also a noob at cosplay, the did some make-up on me, too, and helped me the wig cap (I told you, I'm such a cosplay noob XD). But it was totally fun, and we also went outside. My bf brought out his Adventure Time (Finn) sword and we took turns (except Rhain because Makishima doesn't really carry a sword, unless AU LOL).

At night, we went out to the city proper to stroll around, buy mango shakes and explore stuff in Pasayahan sa Lucena's big festivity night, with flea markets and other stuff. It was my bf who got us there with his father's vehicle.

Later on, we went back to his house and took off the cosplay, coz it was time for them to go. Me and my cousin took them back to the Grand Terminal for a ride back to Cubao, Quezon City (yeah, I think it's more than coincidence that both our hometowns have 'Quezon' in their names). But not before I can get their awesome slumbook-style autographs, while stopping by 7eleven for buying them some food/drinks for the long travel.


It was kind of a sad farewell, but I think that our half-day bonding was a success! It's something that I'll cherish my whole life, and I hope we meet again soon, before they migrate to Sweden (PewDiePie's place LOL) in a few months.

As souvenirs, we exchanged otaku items. I gave Jake a Peacemaker Kurogane bookmark and a Samezuka Academy keychain, and she gave me her Kill la Kill pin button and the promised Tomoko Kuroki key-chain she was going to LBC me months ago. 

And yeah, it is indeed, a first time in forever. Thanks everyone, thanks God, just. Thanks everybody, especially my bf who, even though he was too busy at work, he found time to entertain my guests and make us all happy. Never thought this day would actually come but it did, and I'm very glad. You're all awesome. :'D

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