Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finally Doing dA Prints / Premium Content (After 8 Years)

So apparently, back then in 2006 and 2007, only premium users can sell art. At first, I had hesitations when they finally let all dA users sell art because probably no one would buy mine, but hey, I'm just gonna try, right? XD

Check out my Prints


Official Art of my RPG Maker games (more soon):
Metamorphosis Official Art by kazaki03 Omnipresence Official Art by kazaki03

Download my games here

Textures / Photography / Whatever:
Daisy by kazaki03 Water Bubbles by kazaki03 Bubbles by kazaki03 CRT - Blue by kazaki03

Premium Content (Paid Download):
Assorted 3D Brushes by kazaki03 Orange Brushes by kazaki03 9 Bokeh Textures by kazaki03

Thanks, and I hope I'm not a bother!  

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