Saturday, May 10, 2014

Worst/Best LSS Commercials on Pinoy TV

Disclaimer: this is only a personal opinion and not to be take as a serious form of libel by the advertisers/personalities. I REPEAT: THIS IS ONLY A PERSONAL OPINION. Everyone has their own likes/dislikes and the right to say that to your face.

Worst Commercial Jingles

A lot of us usually get annoyed with commercials that have jingles sounding like a screeching of a car or chalk on the blackboard. For this reason, I'm going to review a couple of famous LSS commercials that I've encountered in our country since the age of the dinosaurs:

1. "Naging Mahirap ka na ba?" - Manny Villar Campaign Ad
Nothing smells as bad as a political jingle for most Filipinos, especially with the issues of today like the Pork Barrel scam and other unresolved economic failures stemming from government corruption. But the good side today is that Manny Villar is no longer in the limelight, unlike the accused Porkers (Sexy, Tanda and Pogi or something). And, I'd rather help my mom extract dalandan juice for real.

2. "Real orange? For real?" - Nesfruita Ad
Just the world "real" annoys me so much because it refers to "reality standards", even more with a social climber accent. Also, I prefer drinking fresh Del Montes in a can rather than powdered shiz (unless desperate times call).

3. "Good morning sa inyo!" - Nescafe Sweet and Mild Ad
I have very bad memories with this one - so bad that I'd rather not write it here.

4. Most Rejoice and Palmolive jingles
Sorry, I'm just not that kind of a kikay person to like these fab hair shiz. I prefer comfort over style, because in the end, long hair on a summer's day, in reality, will only get damaged by the wind from your bus window, which no shampoo, let alone salon treatment, can completely prevent from happening. That's fricking reality, girls.

Best Commercial Jingles

If there are kind of annoying commercial jingles, there are also memorable and good ones:

1. "United American Tiki-Tiki"
Me and my boyfriend still sing this wonderful jingle up to this time, when we're in our mid-20's.

2. "Smile kami pag BEAM" - Beam Toothpaste
Who the heck forgets the lines "panalo sa presyo, panalo pag beam! *insert ending riff here*"? Surely, even if most of us Pinoys prefer Colgate, we'll definitely admit singing along to this jingle.

3. "Di lang pampamilya, pang-sports pa! *ding*" - Family Rubbing Alcohol
This one is a total classic. It's like, making me associate this alcohol with Paquito Diaz (or any guy with a mustache/bigote for that matter). It's like those FPJ films, except it's a commercial jingle.

4. "Star City, the happiest place for me!"
I've been to Star City only a very few times in my entire life (only when I was a kid), and I long for it right now. This commercial is a definite nostalgia inducer for me. Let's just hope the next time I go there, it will definitely be the "happiest place for me".

5. All the Michael V. Joy Liquid jingles
Nothing beats the master jingle maker, Michael V. - from "J-O-Y Joy in my heart, deep deep down in my heart" up to the latest musical-esque jingle: "aaaang tamang timpla, 'sang litro haluin". To be honest, just about every Michael V. jingle (and song/parody song) is a total masterpiece (e.g. Hindi ako Bakla)!

Bonus: I remixed the Family Rubbing Alcohol one:


barrybaskin2 said...

Doowee Donut commercial and all palmolive shampoo commercials are worst.

Dark Server 27 said...

Good blog. By the way, where are your created videos of your reply song on Nescafé's 'Good Morning Sa Inyo' song ad and the mashup version of Tiki-tiki?

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

@ Dark Serve 27
idk, I probably deleted them during my massive YT cleanup some months ago
but you can look