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Who is the Real Enemy? (X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Review)

I don't usually watch big-time Hollywood movies, but today will be another exception, aside from The Avengers two years ago.

X-Men: Days of the Future Past, is actually the very first X-Men movie I ever saw (forgive me, I'm not really much into Marvel stuff, but I like super powers in general). I'm here to do a short review of the film, since me and my bf just watched it this afternoon.


Basically, the plot is about an apocalyptic future where the mutants are surrounded by these "sentinels" (LOL I remember the Fightbox gaming show on Now TV when I was in high school), huge robots who have the ability to adapt and copy mutant powers and exterminating them. A team of survivors, including Professor X and the magnet guy (I think that was Magneto, too tired to look it up, see I told you I'm noob with Marvel stuff), send Logan (Wolverine) to the past where Mystique(not sure of the spelling)/Raven assassinates a short scientist guy with a mustache (Trask), and attempt to stop her, so she won't be treated by humans as a test subject and the sentinels wouldn't be created.

The story is a little bit cliche, but it's a good kind of cliche. All of us want to change some point of our past if we know our society is screwing up, but it's never really easy, especially the fact that we don't have time travel commercially available yet.

Graphics and Cinematography

Since we got to see it in 3D, there's a lot to enjoy about the graphics. I like the girl with the warping thing powers. I also like that speedy guy with slow-mo effects (kinda like Nice from Hamatora, even more that they both use headphones). I like how even the little particles, such as dust, debris and even mosquitoes (?) swarm on your 3D screen.


Even with a seemingly generic/standard Hollywood soundtrack, the effects are still good and mind-blowing. The music fits well. I was expecting some dubstep parts but, I guess this movie didn't stick to those EDM trends, hahaha. Nonetheless, enjoyable.

Feels Impact

The movie can inspire us to change our present so that we make better futures (which reminds me of the theme of Devil Survivor 2). Because our mutants already know what's going to happen in the next decades, the only thing they could do is to hope for a change.

I like the fact that one part of the film discusses about how "time can be distorted but the direction is still the same". I saw that somewhere in Discovery Science and, uh, yeah. In the real world, that may be the common rule, but sometimes, it's not time and fate who always dictates what we should do - it's ourselves. If we really want to do something, then we should do it before it's too late.


Bright Future

Like what I said above, if you believe in what you want to do, it will happen, no matter how impossible it is. There may be times that the needle doesn't fit the thread, but it's most likely that you have to find a different thread or needle for them to fit together.


My bf pointed out how this movie is mirroring the condition of the world today with the LGBT community - that most of the are just being discriminated, and thus have resorted to either violence or hiding in their closets, which is also similar to the plot of Hamatora, where Minimum Holders (counterpart of X-Men mutants) were being despised by normal humans. Bottom line is, people should be open-minded with other genders, races, and other things that appear 'weird' to them, because they don't know how it's like to be weird (like me, since I'm a childish imaginative weirdo).


On the contrast, if you're a discriminated race or disliked by many of your friends and colleagues, instead of fighting them, the best way is to show them how much of a good person you are and how you can change the world and other people's lives. I'm not gonna detail the spoiler from the movie, but that's pretty much the whole point of it - if we throw back bread instead of stones, we might win back their hearts and move them, that we should be accepted, too.

This Movie Reminds Me of...

Hamatora the Animation

I'm guessing that the concept of Hamatora's "Minimum Holders" were based off the mutant X-Men, and that "Professor Moral" is probably "Professor X?" Anyways, the whole discrimination things and social stuff fit perfectly to Hamatora - especially Quicksilver a.k.a. the fast guy who's a lot like the character Nice (from Hamatora).

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)


When I first saw the sentinels, I had to shout "titan" right away. Because SnK was also more of a social-awareness kind of anime with serious plots, I see slight parallelism to the sentinels and the titans, as bringers of destruction to mankind (or to the mutants, in the X-men universe).

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation


Definitely another anime reference, because Ds2 is all about knowing the future and acting accordingly to prevent it, trying to survive the disaster of mankind just so everyone can have a better future. And in the end, you're that one who can decide for your own future.


X-Men: Days of Future Past may seem like your ordinary Marvel movie, but it's a good eye-opener, even for not-so-much-into-Marvel-heroes people like me, that all of us shouldn't drive out others who are weird, special or unlike us, especially if they're better than us - that's just envy and it's a bad thing. Instead, we should try to understand them, feel their pain, and help them make our lives peaceful and the whole world a better place. And most importantly, all of us have our shot at destiny - we just need to find the right keys to fit in their corresponding keyholes. We're never alone, because there will always be someone like us out there, wanting to help us change our future for good.

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