Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tubo / Sugarcane Juice at Ongpin

One great refreshment that my dad got the idea from my late grandpa during their past trips to Sta. Cruz, Manila, is the Tubo Talaga or tubo / sugarcane juice. It's an awesome thirst-quencher that doesn't dry out your mouth with its sweetness.

Yesterday, we went to the big city again to grab some shots.

Once you've tasted it, you'll be surprised. Normal sugar-juices mostly make you thirsty again after drinking it, but sugarcane juice is quite different - it's totally sweet but the after-taste dryness isn't there, so you can enjoy drinking even on a very hot summer day.

And now, the cool thing is that not only can you order in plastic cups, but also in pure frozen bottles which you can take home! They have a small one and a huge one for groups.

Tubo Talaga has been around since my grandpa's days, and to think that it's still up and running up to this day is already a big deal. Sugarcane juice is definitely something that our country should be proud of, because it's all-natural and doesn't have chemicals. They have a custom tool that grind the tubo/sugarcane and convert it to your favorite drink.

So, if ever you stopped by Sta. Cruz, especially in Ongpin, why not check out Tubo Talaga's sugarcane Juice? It's a healthy alternative and will leave you refreshed!

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