Friday, May 16, 2014

New Album: "Inside a Dream"

Guys, I have just released a new album called "Inside a Dream", also part of the Lost Utopia Series. 

Inside a Dream is basically a continuation of short songs from my individual LU albums and some are English versions of other LU-related songs I’ve released in the past.


Music Video of "Inside a Dream":

Crossfade Demo:

Download/Listen from these sites:

Features you'll get when you download/buy the album:
  • Lyrics/info booklet with trivia and stuff
  • Bonus track
Special thanks:

I'd like to thank: NJ Camba, my bf's brother, for the photography/photoshoot, Angeli Camba (my bf's sister) and Champ Camba (my bf) for support on costume, make-up and lighting, and promotion. And of course, to all my fans who still listen to my music! :D

My Other Stuff:
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