Friday, May 23, 2014

McDonald's - Happiness in a Box + Cover Version!

Usually, I don't remake/cover commercials, but this is one big heck of an exception.

Just almost a week or two ago, McDonald's Philippines started airing this wonderful commercial:

"Let's go up in space or in the deep blue sea
Play with a robot and jump over the trees
Ride a choo-choo train, fly up the sky
Discover happiness in a box for you and me!"

As a kid-minded 22-year-old, THIS IS ABSOLUTE BEAUTY FOR ME.

I mean, just look a it - full of happiness and imagination. It's like something I would write on my own music, but this commercial made it better with a touch of happiness. Mind you - when I was a kid, I was always at McDonalds (Ocean Palace Mall, when it was still open) in Lucena City, sitting with Ronald McDonald and always getting ahead with my parents (right after school) to buy the featured Happy Meal before the stocks went out. Such happy days. :D

So....I did my own cover version!

Some notes:
  • Yes, I added the bridge melodies and other lyrics. Sorry, I’M NOT A VERY GOOD SINGER. XD
  • If this commercial ad song was originally a full song of another artist (like the Adventure Time one), I’m not aware of it, sorry. I just heard this first time on the TV, and it’s very beautiful.
  • Sorry, I don’t have a condenser mic (it’s too expensive for now). I’ve been sticking to my A4tech cam as a mic since 2007. XD
 I drew the illustrations in MS Paint, did the instrumental in FL Studio 10, recorded vocals with Audacity, mixed with FL Studio 10, and mixed the whole video with Sony Vegas Pro. 

Hope someone in the McDonalds advertising department (or any advertising department for that matter) notices this! Or at least, those filmmakers/animators/whatevers who need soundtrack projects: I make music!

Here's my latest album: "Inside a Dream"

If you want more, check out these links:
Thank you very much, and I hope this cover version cheered up your day! :D


watchplays said...

My son loves the commercial but sings the wrong words so I googled the lyrics and your page came up...your version is so nice :) insert clapping here :)

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

Thank you very much! :D

Azriel said...

Very nice version. You are a very talented girl. :) Keep it up.

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

@Azriel Thank you! :D