Monday, May 19, 2014

Kazaki's PewDiePie Stuff!

Most of us are aware of the famous YouTube gamer/comedian, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg). I've been part of his "Bro Army" for some time ago, around 2012, when I discovered him from the horror comic "Bongcheon-Dong Ghost". Later on, I discovered Ib from his LPs (Let's Plays) and the rest is history.

I'm posting this so that fellow "bros" will know that I make PewDiePie-related stuff too, and most are quite underrated/unnoticed.

PewDiePie Adventures (Original Album/Music)

This is an original work, full album, based from PewDiePie's Amnesia characters (and the Happy Wheels ones), when I first got into the Pewds fandom. Originally, I noobishly e-mailed him a suggestion for him to do vocals on some of the songs, but well, reality sucks. And, I lost to billions of fans who did dubstep that reached them to millions of views on YouTube, while my stuff are left in the back drawers.

Animated Music Video:

Crossfade Demo:



PewDiePie-inspired Original Song

"Stop the Fanwar" is basically my dubstep song about how fans should get along with each other and stop labeling others as "copycats" and there shouldn't be competition between them, which they completely prove that they're all very good friends (some fans are know).


PewDiePie Remixes

This one is my remix of a vocal clip from his playthrough of The Crooked Man:

This one is more of a bonus: autotuned Cryaotic (his best friend gamer for life, who has the awesomest voice ever), and a bonus duet with Pewds at the end.

This one is a Frozen parody:


Chopnese-Based Original Language

Because I'm a language enthusiast, I made up an original language based on Pewds' "chopnese" thing (chop! chop! chop!).

Chopnesia is a constructive language made by Kazaki. It was inspired by PewDiePie’s fake language called “Chopnese”. The name is a combination of “Chopnese” and “Amnesia”, as in “Amnesia: Dark Descent”, one of the games that PewDie plays.

Original Song using Chopnesia:

PewDiePie Fanfiction

I've also written a couple of PewDiePie fanfiction:


PewDiePie Fanart

I also did a couple of Pewds-inspired fanart:

Thanks and hope any of these stuff of mine interests you!
I'd be delighted if Pewds actually sees this! :D

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