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Huge List: Memes Translated to Tagalog/Filipino

We all know that Internet memes have not just taken over America and other parts of the world, but also in our home country, the Philippines. And the cool thing is that, they're not only on the Internet anymore, but also on sidewalks, tarpaulins, posters and even advertisements! And for that, I've prepared a large, seemingly-hilarious (I hope it's not very corny) list of famous memes translated in our native tongue, Tagalog (Filipino) - some with bonus alternative terms I've made up and explanations.


  • Forever Alone - Mag-isa for Life (Friendzone)
  • Trollface - Pang-gudtaym (Wow Mali)
  • Me Gusta - Gusto ko yan 
  • Y U NO - BKT D MO / BKT D KW
  • Challenge Accepted - Tinatanggap ko ang Hamon Mo (double meaning for 'ham' and 'challenge')
  • Oh Crap / OMG - Leche / Diyos ko po
  • x all the y - x(+prefix or suffix) lahat ng y (example: "hashtag all the things" - "i-hashtag lahat ng bagay")
  • Are you fucking kidding me? - Ginagago mo ba ako?
  • Poker Face - Wapakels Face
  • I see what you did there - Gets ko ibig sabihin mo
  • I lied - Kyeme lang (Echos lang)
  • Like a sir - feeling maginoo
  • Like a boss - feeling bossing (feeling Vic Sotto)
  • Nothing to do here - Makaalis na nga
  • Close enough - Malapit-lapit na rin

Celebrity Memes (including Rage Faces)

  • Yao Ming / Bitch Please - Hay Kagaguhan 
  • Nicholas Cage / You Don't Say? - Weh Di Nga? (Real Orange? For Real?)
  • Obama / Not Bad - Maigi Din (Kape Baracks)
  • Giorgio A. Tsoukalos / Ancient Aliens - ALIEN! ALIEN! (Brad Pete / Isko Salvador's "Ang Dating Doon")
  • Mr. Bean / If you know what I mean - Alam mo na 'yun
  • Watch out, we've got a badass over here - Aba, aba, may siga rito
  • True Story - Tunay na buhay
  • Facepalm - Susmaryosep (Sakit sa ulo)
  • Ha, Gay! - Hay, Beki!
  • Rickrolling - Gumugulong na Rick Astley
  • Brace yourselves, x is coming - Humanda ka na, darating na ang x
  • Matrix Morpheus / What if I told you... - Pa'no kung sinabi ko sa'yo na...


  • Not sure if... - Ewan ko kung...
  • I don't want to live on this planet anymore - Byahe na ako papuntang Mars
  • Shut up and take my money! - Heto na ang datung, wag ka na maingay!
  • X, X Everywhere - X, X Kahit saan


  • Slenderman - Mamang Payat (Mr. Pugita due to tentacles)
  • Jeff the Killer - Mamamatay-Tao Jeff (Ang Emo Joker)
  • The Rake - Ang Kalaykay


  • Do a Barrel Roll - Gumulong ng Parang Bariles (Gumulong Napoles Style)
  • All your base are belong to us - Lahat ng base mo ay namin pag-ari (yeah, copied the wrong grammar thing)


  • Doge - Bantay / Brownie (any colloquial Pinoy doge name)
  • Pedobear - Bantay Oso 163 (for fairly obvious reasons)
  • Nyan Cat - Pusang Bahaghari (literally 'Rainbow Cat')
  • Grumpy Cat - Pusang Galit
  • O RLY? - D NGA?

Other Memes  / Phrases

  • Dolan - gamot pls (Dolan is a brand of a children's medicine here)
  • Overly Attached Girlfriend - Selosang Jowa 
  • Haters Gonna Hate - Wapakels lang sa haters
  • Do you even lift (bro)? - Nagbubuhat ka naman ba (tol)? 
  • U MAD? - GLIT K? 
  • Keep Calm and... - Kalama Lang at...
  • What is this I don't even - Leche ano ba 'to
  • BURN / Apply Cold Water to Burn - Masunog ka sa impyerno! (sorry it's really corny)
  • That escalated quickly - Ambilis naman
  • Draw me like one of your French Girls - I-drowing mo ako nang parang si Kate Winslet sa Titanic
  • Alternative Universe / Parallel Universe - Sa ibang mundo ("sa kabilang mundo" would sound like "the afterlife")
  • Seems legit - Parang tunay (Parang 2.95)
  • Go home, you're drunk - lasing na, uwi na (tara na, tulog na)
  • Double Rainbow - Kambal-Bahaghari
  • There are no girls on the internet - Chixilog
  • Meanwhile in x - Samantala sa x
  • Am I the only one around here who... - Ako lang ba dito ang...

Other Meme-Related Things

  • 9gag - 9gago (what a nice pun)
  • Deadpool - Deadballs
  • 4chan - Apat na dahon
  • Tumblr - Baunan ("container of packed meal/lunch/drink")
As a bonus, here's also a large list of well-known Filipino memes:

Some images courtesy of: and
  • It's More Fun in the Philippines - originated from the campaign of the Department of Tourism. Some are witty and some are satirical, with a Harabara font text overlay.
  • Awkward Wrong Spellings/Grammar - awkward things you see on flea markets and public places, such as "bedshits" instead of "bedsheets". Some are actually witty puns.
  • Naging Mahirap ka na ba? - the famous political commercial of Manny Villar has been crowned as one of the worst LSSes in Filipino culture.
  • Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao - she herself is a meme and we know it, especially with the recent Pacquiao fight ("gu tu hil!" / "go to hell").
  • Janet Lim Napoles - the so-called Pork Barrel Scam Queen is currently one of the most widely-trending subject in Filipino memes.
  • Anyare? - "Dafuq just happened?" Short-hand of "Anong nangyari?"
  • Ansabe? - "Dafuq did you say/did I just hear?" Short-hand of "Anong sabi?"
  • Dota o Ako? - originated from a local OPM song. Literally means "Warcraft/DoTA or me?", as a consequential decision-making problem for boys to choose between relationship and gaming.
  • Thor Memes - from things such as "sari-sari-sTHOR" to "Joel THORe".
  • Yung Feeling Na - similar to "the moment when you" meme.
  • Jejemon - People who type like this: "eoWzz mUsXhtAh nAh poHwZ" ("Hello, how are you?" / "Hello, musta na po?") and subsequently wear rainbow-colored hats and loose shirts, similar to the swag culture of today. Name based from Pokemon. Bonus: found a jejemon translator site! LOL
  • Manny Pacquiao  - much like her mother, Pacman is a netizen's favorite, especially with his fight losses (and Filipinos being bitter over it), most recently the Timothy Bradley one.
  • Miriam Defensor Santiago - her witty words and facial expressions make the perfect "banat moves" to people you want to point a finger to.
  • Filipino Pride - not really a meme, but it's a phenomenon that leads to Pinoys creating meme. Here's my insight about it.
Note: Why didn't I include Sen. Tito Sotto's plagiarism meme? Read this article to find out.

Anyways, thanks for reading this long post! Hope you learned something! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! :)

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