Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Signal Boost: Original Stories & Games

If you're new to my blog and my stuff, then you'd better know that I write stories, original ones, and sometimes, make games from my stories. And sometimes, I also put stories in my music, albums and EPs because I want to.

Yeah, everyone of us has a bit of selfishness from within, and some of those have lead us to be superstars whose novels and pocketbooks have been converted into movies, and some free games going wildly mainstream in an insane way.

And here I am in the shadows like Tetsuya Kuroko. Just kidding, but it's the truth anyway.

So I'm sending out a signal boost for everyone who's kinda interested in reading stories, playing games, etc. 

This is my main story blog where I publish my original stories, sorted in genres and categories. I write mostly in fantasy, adventure, science fiction and some slice-of-life with plot twists. I do fan fiction as well. They're not very long - even the series ones with chapters (Moon Angel, Metronome, O2Jam Fanfictions) have really short chapters.

This is just an extension of my story blog, and everything's there as well, if you're into Wattpad, that is. But what's really stressing me is when I see those published Wattpad rom-com stories into novels in book stores, I feel jealous LOL.

If you want detailed explanation on my stories, universes, characters, etc., check out my Wikia. Beware of spoilers, though. It also has info on my original languages, musical works, etc.

If you're a big fan of Ib, Mad Father, The Crooked Man, Corpse Party and other RPG Maker games then you might be interested in some of my original games, most of which are story-based rather than gameplay-based. I have a total of 10 games so far, and much later on, I'll release my 11th game in QZN.ME (it's an adventure game, might edit this post when the link's finally there).

Thank you so much for at least taking your time into reading this, even though you'll probably be just disappointed with my stories or won't bother to read/play anyway, haha. XD

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