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RPG Maker / WOLF Editor Games: The New Trend?

As an indie game maker who uses RPG Maker XP, I'd also have to make this post - to let everyone know how and why such pixel games got mainstream.

These game makers are both made in Japan and are being used by many Japanese game developers. In contrast to the high-end graphics, complex gameplay and touch/motion-activated controls of today's games, many people still prefer games made in RPG Maker and WOLF Editor, especially those of the horror genre. Why is that?

Advantages of Pixel Games

For Developers


These are the advantages for game developers:

User-friendly Game Builder

There's not that much need for programming skills - everything is just a matter of clicking tabs and setting up events through menus and mapping!

Content-Heavy Standard Library

You don't need to search everywhere for sound effects, tilesets, sprites, etc. - almost everything is right here! In fact, you don't have to worry about mapping - it's just like building something from Lego!

Flexible for Many Genres

 RPG Maker and WOLF Editor aren't entirely for RPG - most games that use these engines are horror, puzzle or exploration ones.

Easy Customization

Import your own sprites, music, images and even tilesets! You can control the game's visuals and audio in a flash!

Ease of Visual Compatibility 

Because your game makes use of 2D Ragnarok-stype graphics, you don't have to worry about video card issues among your players!

Easy Marketing

A lot of games such as Ib, Mad Father, To the Moon, Corpse Party and The Crooked Man are really famous in Japan and also around the world - the pixel game fanbase is a very huge place for easily getting your games played by other people.

For Gamers

These are the advantages for gamers:

Easy to Play

Just a few keys on the keyboard and you can easily play the game! No complicated software or gear needed.

Possible Intertwining Plots

Many pixel games have a lot of plot twists and interesting story arrangements, which is the very thing that launched Ib and similar games into the limelight.

Ease of Visual Compatibility

As mentioned above, you don't have to worry about getting a new graphics card - it's 2D but it's enjoyable!

List of Some of My Games


 Genre: Horror

Summary: Reina is a girl with lepidopterophobia or fear of butterflies. She was forced to go on a school trip with 4 other students and a teacher to a greenhouse filled with her feared critters. However, things go wrong when the caretaker of the place, a mask-wearing man named Flutore, who’s obsessed with butterflies, murders everyone around her, leaving her no choice but to try to escape.

Project: Restore QZN

Genre: Exploration

Summary: Many years after the present time, the Philippines has been devastated by a global phenomenon known as “disappearing cultures”, where people from a certain province or state suddenly disappear, and only those residents who are temporarily in another place could survive. One of the affected provinces in the country is Quezon Province. 

Download Here

Lost Utopia

Genre: Exploration

Summary: After a tragic accident, a young girl named Kazaki had been unconscious for weeks. Her boyfriend, Kita, always watches over her in the hospital, hoping that she would wake up. Inside Kazaki’s sleep are dreams of struggle with her own mind’s creations – the Dream Entities. Together with the Lost Utopia siblings, Allen and Ellen, they embark on a journey into the dream world to battle dark entities known as Distortions, to collect items called Fragments, and restore Lost Utopia into its original state, to ultimately help Kazaki return back to the real world.

Faustino's Fashion Boutique

Genre: Horror

Summary: Carrie, an aspiring fashionista girl, goes into a mysterious boutique owned by Faustino.  Entrusted for a while of the whole place due to an emergency, she must endure the mysteries lurking around the strange place.  

Download Here

The Castle's Journal

Genre: Puzzle

Summary: Shiki Grey returns to an old castle that his late father had entrusted him, together with his servants.  In the middle of the night, the young heir discovers secrets within the castle more than he could expect.

Download Here



From here, thanks for reading my blog post! I hope any of these games interest you in playing and maybe, inspire you to make games, too!

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