Saturday, April 26, 2014

Interesting Things on Akiko Shikata's CDs

So, I was kind of bored one day and decided to re-read all of my original Akiko Shikata CDs. And guess what? I found some interesting images and whatnot:


 Comin' at you like a Dark Horse (Katy Perry pun intended).

 Katayoku no Tori

Hang on, is that a picture of a woman right there?

 Here's a zoom-in:

 I wonder if that's Shikata or ???


These are mostly from the bonus story booklet:

And it reminds me of something:

Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball).

I also did a figma version of that (yep, from these things I bought some time ago):

In the anime, though, it was a gravure/Japanese idol magazine or something. 
Close enough. XD

H-hold on...German stargazing guide? O_O

This is most likely the constructive language from Cielnosurge, which I haven't been updating myself for years. I bet someone's already translated this anyway. XD

"What is this? I don't understand this!" 
(referring to the lyrics of the Cielnosurge song)

"There's a secret scent from here." I smelled it and pretended that it could've been Shikata's scent (though I didn't really smell anything peculiar, LOL XD).


Looks like a flower crown? :D

Bokeh! (go Google it if you don't know what that is)

More bokeh!

Shikata-ception Clockception!

The fact that Shikata did the typography is a really big deal, especially because of her two songs included in the album, Arcadia and Leyre, which uses her (undecipherable) constructive languages.

That thing in the middle looks like a mushroom...

AAAAAHHHH HELP ( I have lepidopterophobia or fear of butterflies XD)

Currently, I don't have the Laylania DVD yet (go figure, I don't have enough cash yet), so that will have to wait. But I sure hope I find more stuff like these from Shikata's future works! :D


Kessi Riliniki said...

Haha, thats a really old german in that one scan, written in a script used around during WW2. My my, where she got that from XD.

Btw could you by any chance provide lyrics of Arcadia/Scans from the booklet? I'm really interested in the conlang but i cant find any scans/fotos :(...

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

I have some scans here:

Though the conlang doesn't have any romanization/translation so we're clueless. XD

Kessi Riliniki said...

Oooh Thank you for the scans! I feel like trying to decode them some time now :D
Do you by any chance know is Shikata used more of these in other albums? (I've only been introduced to her a few days ago and cant tell from listening yet)

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

Currently, that's the only album where she revealed a glimpse of her conlang. Her older albums/EPs/singles did contain conlangs but lyrics were not provided, not even symbols, or the Japanese translation was written instead (e.g. Ta Fatie from Byakumu no Mayu).

This Turaida language is different from her other languages, or I'm not very sure because her other works didn't give us any glimpse of any alphabet. XD

Emily said...

Hi, is there any way you can provide the rest of the booklet scans for harmonia? Particularly the lyrics pages. I wanted to see if the first track contained Hymmnos lyrics. Can't find them anywhere. Much appreciated if you can!

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

I checked and there are no Hymmnos lyrics on the first track. None of Shikata's "original language" songs ever have lyrics because they are a secret. Goes the same for all the short tracks on Harmonia. Only Turaida has lyrics for her secret language songs (Arcadia and Leyre) but you can't read them because they are in symbols.