Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Something Cents on Various Creative Fields

I’m not a professional or anything - I’m just giving out some things I’ve personally encountered (based from experience) so that people who are new to these fields will have an idea of what kind of world they’re going to face.

Hope this helps you out or enlightens other people.
  • A good mix doesn’t always mean a good song. But mixing is also important, so don’t throw it away.
  • Getting inspirational sound styles from other artists is good, but copying their style is not good.
  • Value and quality of studio equipment or instrument doesn’t matter if your music is ugly and redundant. Same is true for DAW and related music software - it’s about how you use it.
  • Remember that complex music is not for the masses. If you choose to sell songs, make simple but effective ones (but not too cliche!).
  • If you’re not enjoying making music, quit. There may be other suitable fields for you.
(I seriously could’ve given more but I gotta be fair for the other fields lol)

Visual Arts:
  • Practice can’t guarantee you to be perfect, but if you practice every now and then, you will improve, no matter how skill-less you are.
  • Feel free to explore other artists’ drawing styles, but always come up with your own style in the end.
  • Don’t be ashamed of your old art! Use it as inspiration and feel free to draw them again to see your improvements!
  • Don’t draw when you don’t feel like drawing - it will only mess it up!
  • Don’t feel jealous of professional artists. Even if you think your art is ugly, if you enjoy making art, then that’s all that matters.
Video Editing:
  • Software and quality aren’t hindrances in making videos. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Do not be ashamed if you’re only using Movie Maker!
  • Too much effects on a video can confuse the audience. There is nothing wrong with raw footage, if you just balance the creative bits.
  • A video tells a story or presents a concept. Always make sure your video has a purpose and heart and not just to market something or someone in a cheap way (especially artist music videos).
  • Only add text when necessary, because a video is mostly a visual representation.
  • Don’t depend on what editing style is mainstream - make your own style and don’t hide it!
  • Raw words are too cliche - use figures of speech.
  • Your lyrics don’t have to have rhymes - the message of the song is more important than that.
  • If inspiration hits you, even in the middle of the night, always make notes! Don’t let the flash die down, or you won’t enjoy writing the song.
  • When writing a song from an extreme emotional pain or bliss, it’s okay to use raw words, but don’t forget to slip in a few metaphoric phrases.
  • There are a million things you can write about, not just love or romance! You can write about horse racing, potatoes, polka-dot sweaters, embarrassing Facebook photos…anything! Don’t be typical and go crazy!
Story Writing:
  • As much as possible, don’t stick to cliche genres, moments or stereotypical characters. You will only flood up that genre and become part of the shadow. Be unique.
  • Using real-life experiences as reference is good, but make sure there’s still unique elements and plot twists to it, especially if it’s a stereotypical genre such as romance or drama.
  • People have a short attention span so if you’re writing a story, don’t over-detail too much. Keep it short and precise, but not too short - just enough to let the readers know what’s going on.
  • Transform your stories into other forms of media, e.g. games, songs, visual arts, etc., so they will understand your story better.
  • Punching in some jokes and crack ideas wouldn’t hurt, even if you’re writing serious material. This will serve as a breather for the audience, but use it wisely.
Thank you for reading this far! Whatever creative field you're in, always learn to enjoy yourself! :D

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