Monday, January 20, 2014

Frozen Colors (January 2014 Updates)

It's a chilly year ahead. Gather around your blankets and warm noodles - here are some of my updates and stuff.


Let It Go (Cover Song)


I've done a cover version of a song from the Disney movie "Frozen", originally by Idina Menzel. Unfortunately, other sites won't let me upload it (apparently because the instrumental I used is from the official one, but hey I can't resist it's too beautiful not to use lol) so I uploaded and embedded it to my website with my bf's help. Listen up here. 



Faustino's Fashion Boutique (Original Horror Game)


I've also done a new original horror game about fashion and scary mannequins. It was kind of hard to do because of the original tilesets and other game features, but I do hope it would be worth it. Please do check out the game here. 

The story was originally an old shelved idea of characters, which I found somewhere in my old notes. Thinking that it could really be turned into a horror game, I went on with the project. 

You can also check out my other games here.


Shingeki no Kyojin / Kuroko no Basuke figmas

Me and my bf came across some really cool figmas / chibis / nendroids / whatever you call them in a local mall at Lucena City. It's a really rare thing since, Otakus and anime are a rare thing in the province and all you'll usually find are One Piece / Naruto / DBZ merch, so I think it's a step forward to the Otaku culture, too. 

The prices:

SnK figmas @ Php 600 (whole set)

KnB figmas @ Php 800 (whole set)

I really do hope I could buy them (or at least some of them) soon. XD
EDIT: MY BF BOUGHT IT FOR ME YAY (pics later), also changed prices


Ongoing Projects

Here are some of my ongoing projects to check out, especially if you're a new follower:

So, until here, stay warm, get some hot drinks and don't let the cold bother you. :D

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