Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Something Cents on Various Creative Fields

I’m not a professional or anything - I’m just giving out some things I’ve personally encountered (based from experience) so that people who are new to these fields will have an idea of what kind of world they’re going to face.

Hope this helps you out or enlightens other people.
  • A good mix doesn’t always mean a good song. But mixing is also important, so don’t throw it away.
  • Getting inspirational sound styles from other artists is good, but copying their style is not good.
  • Value and quality of studio equipment or instrument doesn’t matter if your music is ugly and redundant. Same is true for DAW and related music software - it’s about how you use it.
  • Remember that complex music is not for the masses. If you choose to sell songs, make simple but effective ones (but not too cliche!).
  • If you’re not enjoying making music, quit. There may be other suitable fields for you.
(I seriously could’ve given more but I gotta be fair for the other fields lol)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Frozen Colors (January 2014 Updates)

It's a chilly year ahead. Gather around your blankets and warm noodles - here are some of my updates and stuff.


Let It Go (Cover Song)


I've done a cover version of a song from the Disney movie "Frozen", originally by Idina Menzel. Unfortunately, other sites won't let me upload it (apparently because the instrumental I used is from the official one, but hey I can't resist it's too beautiful not to use lol) so I uploaded and embedded it to my website with my bf's help. Listen up here. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Twenty Pesos on Music Copyright Rules (esp. on the Internet)

From here, I'd like to apologize for having a really stupid and long title.

I'm sure all of us are aware on how YouTube and many other sites "monopolizes" the music industry by not allowing covers and remixes/remakes to last long on their site, because of the (super-overkill, for me at least) copyright rules. Millions of accounts have been banned, and millions of dreams have been crushed. 

In the meantime, millions of worthless bakya cover artists make their way into being YouTube sensations, earning recording deals and gaining overrated sympathy. (Sorry, being a little emotional here)

Okay, first of all, I'm a musician/indie producer/artist/etc so I know why copyright exists - to protect artists from people who steal work. But I think the existing laws are too much, and focus a lot on capitalism and money-making. This is why I rarely upload covers/remakes or even make ones, especially on YouTube (though mashups are fine, surprisingly).