Wednesday, December 25, 2013

MMFF 2013: My Little Bossing(s) + Other Stuff I Just Had to Write

First of all, a Merry Christmas to all of you.

Yep, since I'm *cough* obviously a Ryzza fan (and most of us are anyway), we just had to watch My Little Bossing(s), just because.

And, as expected of any MMFF day 1, it's pretty much crowded to the core. We had to go immediately to the ticket lines before they reach a mile (which it literally did in the afternoon after we got out of the cinema). Hah, even if we arrived 30 minutes before screentime, there was barely any seat left (we had to blind ourselves at the bottom seats).


But that's not what I came to talk about. I'm gonna tell my thoughts on My Little Bossing(s), and some MMFF things.

First of all, Bimbi did have talent. I know critics might say things like, "oh they plotted the characters to match the actors' real life personalities to make easy tapings" and yeah it's true, but even so you can't just tell a random person to be a movie star without proper lessons in acting. And after all, I think Bimbi did quite some effort there, that he wanted to open his possibilities with Ryzza and learn to live as a normal kid (like her).

Secondly, of course I love Ryzza - she is the embodiment of pure innocent genius humor. Much like her hosting talents, she also acts naturally in her debut movie. You cannot not love this girl - it's like she's a living mirror of the common Filipino kid and shoving it to our faces, by means of a cheery face, unexpected jokes, giggly laughter, and of course, her signature dance number (Cha Chaaaaa!). Haha okay I have so much positive things to tell about Ryzza anyway that this review has no space for it. XD

I like the chemistry of Ryzza and Bimbi because they are a cute match made in heaven and they fill out each other's gaps and weaknesses. Ryzza nosebleeds with English and Bimbi isn't used to life in poverty, which is a good combination of ebony and ivory. 

And, much like Bossing Vic's other comedy films (e.g. Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak! which I've also watched in 2011), this movie gives a significant amount of feels, even with the good laughter moments aside and the heap of in-movie advertisements. I'd say that there's an improvement with the sequencing of the events, and normal people wouldn't be able to easily get the plot if they didn't watch key points and characters surrounding the main ones.

Another thing that caught my eye is the fact that two Little Miss Universe talents (Aiza and Ryzza, and their names rhyme) are in the same movie, and portray characters that are related to each other. Both of them were discovered by Bossing Vic and I think it's a good comeback for Aiza and a good headstart for Ryzza. I feel happy for them. *heavenly bliss face*

Overall, the movie is something you shouldn't miss, because it's a good break from the drama of reality, yet touches it in some way. Also, since it's a General Patronage film, the whole family will definitely enjoy, and I think even teens will (since Barbie Forteza is there).

And now, on to the MMFF things.

This particular trailer is the way that MMDA/MMFF Chairman Francis Tolentino promotes the annual festivity and encourages people and families to celebrate Christmas by supporting these Pinoy movies. It is shown before every movie that is an entry to the event.

I actually like this, given the fact that it was really shown on all movies before it begins. It's definitely a great way to give exposure to indie films that will probably not gain much popularity, and a good way to balance out the competition. I think we need a little imagination in this bland world of showbiz and politics, and this hits the jackpot, especially that it's a competition held during Christmas season.

One more cool thing that I've found out recently while searching the web is that MMFF decided to include a new "Animation" category, which is a good thing to advance our imaginations and not just silly rom-com/adventure sagas, kissing scenes, cliche cinema moments, etc. If action films are a thing of the past, then I'm sure thousands of awesome Pinoy animators out there could make gorgeous plots and realistic/eye-catching special effects.

As a whole, I look forward to the advancement of Philippine cinema. Or something like that.

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