Thursday, December 5, 2013

Butterflies, TV, Pigeons and...Foxes? (Including a Hated Font)

New announcements on this blog post!


Metamorphosis (Game)

This is a new horror game that I've finished. It centers around a girl who has lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies) which I also have in real life so I decided to make this game. Warning: it has lots of jumpscares!




This is a 32-track album about stereotypes you usually see on Philippine TV. I worked hard for it (about more than a month) plus the illustrations, etc. I don't really have much to say coz the titles speak for themselves, haha.

Crossfade Demo:


Carrier - Pigeon Racing Manga

Yep, so me and my bf are starting a new collaborative project - a comic/manga about pigeon racing! Since he told me a lot of stuff and his knowledge on pigeon racing (and since he was inspired by SnK), we've decided to give it a shot.


What Does the Fox Say?

Okay, so here's the real "opinion" part of my blog.

First of all, Ylvis' "The Fox" is not about sex or drugs or club dancing, or romance. It's just about foxes. Originally I thought it was a Tumblr thing about the furries culture (which I've known because I'm a deviantART user since 2006/2007 and it was already mainstream back then), but apparently it wasn't. Think of it as a kiddie song that's just supposed to be a parody of sorts, but in reality, it's a satirical song

Why satirical?

Think about it. The animal sounds go on the parts where "dubstep riffs" and "EDM riffs" should've gone in, meaning the Norwegian duo intended to make a satire for pop EDM (with the emphasis on 'pop' as in popular or mainstream). While not all EDMs are as "standard" as pop acts today, it is somehow tiring for non-electronic fans. But since I'm really (and I MEAN REALLY) into electronic music since like, childhood (e.g. I loved Vengaboys, Aqua, bubblegum-pop acts, DDR soundtracks) then I'm actually quite okay with the "EDM age" of today. In fact, (please don't get angry) I really love sidechaining since inb4 it got mainstreamed (not sorry). I feel as if I'm taken into another world when a song is sidechained and I don't know why. But heh, that's just my preference, lol.

Okay, back to the 'satirical' part. Ylvis, for me, is simply poking fun at popular EDM stereotypes. If you listen to the verse, it's somewhat a parody of David Guetta's "Titanium", and the pattern of the song is obviously the obvious 'standard' EDM pattern, which goes something like this:

[intro-->drumless verse-->chorus with snare/fill effect slaps-->hook line-->drop the beats and synths here-->repeat from the start-->drumless bridge-->chorus with beat-->outro (may vary)]

(note: 'hook line' means a catchprase of an EDM song, spoken or sung in the last bar before the beat drop, e.g. "What does the Fox Say?", "Oppa Gangnam Style!", "Barbra Streisand")

Well, I'm not saying that I hate EDM - I will forever love EDM but patterns like these are kind of overrated, and that's why it's a really good laugh and source of entertainment when two fox-dressed comedians make a parody-satire song out of it - using party animals instead of club strippers, which is a plus point (a.k.a. "There is Hope for the Human Race").

So, personally I don't get the hate towards this song. It's not stupid, in fact it's a lot 'cleaner' than most songs in the Top 10s or Top40s nowadays full of sexually explicit themes and money-driven superstars.


Comic Sans MS

Okay, people will probably hate me for this, but since this my childhood font I shall defend it for as long as I live.

Actually, what I'm about to say is somewhat related to the "What does the Fox Say?" thing - since a lot of people hate it. And I'm sure a lot of people have the tendency to hate something that is overrated, because I've been there. 

But first, think of why you should hate it other than being overrated. Why do we love classic artists such as The Beatles and Carpenters without calling them overrated? Isn't going through a daily routine of work-school-social party-social media also overrated? 

Sure, let's say the tides are changing and HTML5 is the new trend. Helvetica is the new king of the road, and similar fonts follow. Sure, you need more professional fonts to use for your works to impress clients in its visual appeal.

But think about it: how would such fonts be formed in the first place without the 'original fonts'?

There is nothing in this world that isn't based from anything, unless you're a mad genius like Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. We should at least thank these 'stupid fonts' that they exist otherwise you won't be able to read the texts in this blog or other sites, or makers of Helvetica-style HTML5/CSS3 fonts wouldn't have inspiration to create better fonts.

Personally, I think there is absolutely nothing stupid or wrong with Comic Sans MS. It's just a little font, people. Why the hate? It didn't steal your money. It didn't rape your daughter. It didn't corrupt billions of dollars (or pesos) from taxes of people. It's just a font, nothing else.

As a child, I loved that font so much (since I'm really a childish person, forgive me). But even now, it's still visually okay. In fact, some Internet memes use this font (e.g. the Tumblr apology cakes) and much more.
If you have to use another font for your project then that's fine. But don't throw all the damn hate towards poor little Comic Sans - it doesn't deserve it. There are a lot of other overrated fonts too (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Calibri) but I feel sad that it's only Comic Sans that gets the flames. 

Bottom line of my post: please don't hate fonts - they haven't done anything wrong to you. Font racism is equivalent to real-life racism - I mean, you wouldn't be a racist in real life towards people, right? One thing that this generation lacks is the heart of respect and appreciation. People just go on telling others what they want without thinking first if they would hurt other people's feelings (or in this case, fonts). You know, I really do wonder what would the creator of Comic Sans would feel if the haters continued to do such things - I feel sorry for him / her.


Okay, so much for the two rant posts, haha. Thanks for reading and advanced Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (hopefully) to everyone!


Dream Forecast said...

I feel the same way about "What Does the Fox Say?" It's genius! EDM is cool, but knowledge and appreciation of EDM just makes "Fox" even more ... enjoyable!

On Comic Sans, I was doing some research, and lol, I see really NO reason to HATE it, but I do see why some people were a bit weirded out. This was back when fonts weren't so crazily abundant. So when Comic Sans became the big thing ... things like this happened:

Haha. I just think it's funny. xD

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

True that, "The Fox" thing is just genius! :D

And heheh, well that's society for you. BUT IT WILL NOT STOP MY LOVE FOR COMIC SANS MUAHAHA XD