Friday, October 25, 2013

Why I Rarely Do Collaborations or Requests

Okay so first thing's first, I've done a lot of collaborations before but I've usually left them in the dust or not mentioning them anymore to avoid misunderstandings or just bad memories and stuff. Here are the reasons why I rarely collaborate with people or do requests, whether in music, arts or anything else:

1. To avoid misunderstandings. No, this does not mean I have a strict boyfriend - my bf is perfectly normal, it's just that I have this really bad habit of getting too hyped or attached to a new person so as much as possible I don't, even women (sorry girls). Let's just say I like keeping distance after a lot of bad memories with past online friends and acquaintances.

2. To avoid people who will take advantage of my skills. Most people I've collaborated in the past only depend on my skills and if they think my work is ugly then they'll hire new and better people for it. Some only ask for my help and then suddenly disappears. Some don't even credit me and some repeatedly make me do work for free. Look people, I AM NOT A RICH PERSON NOR A SUPERWOMAN. I'm just a small freelancer with a normal family with a monthly income of almost below 10k pesos and the things we earn from our sideline jobs (computer projects) are just little things (in fact, we even give a lot of discounts and some are for free). Look, I'd like to make collabs with new people but I'm tired of these things possibly happening to me again. I can write tutorials and such on my other blog but that's it, okay?


3. I got used to working solo. I don't know about others, but I kind of grew solo in terms of a lot of things. I didn't have much friends (actually only fake friends) during school days and I learned to work on my own even without their help. I prefer working alone because people trying to detour my work to another road kind of, messes with my mood, unless it's a friend who is super close to me or anyone else who is close, and if money is involved.

4. I'm a lazy person. Strictly speaking, I only do things that I feel like doing, otherwise it will turn out really bad. One example is that I don't compose or draw if I'm not in the right mood (e.g. uninspired). In the same way, I don't want to be ordered to do something like a drawing request or music request if that person isn't that close to me (because a lot of people out there are only scammers who take advantage of your work) because it will definitely turn out ugly and rushed - even more if the client is super, uh, strict and stuff. That's something I definitely don't like.

Those are (so far) the general reasons. But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna collaborate or do requests for others. I just choose carefully because of the said reasons above. A lot of things in my life happened I don't want more bad things to happen anymore.


Dream Forecast said...

"I'm a lazy person."

lol, then you're the most effective lazy person I've had the pleasure to come across. You get an insane amount of quality work done so fast like a beast. xD

So whatever you're doing, keep being lazy. ;D

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

Haha well, thanks but yeah, I only actually do things when I get inspiration, otherwise it won't turn out great, that's why I procrastinate sometimes. XD