Friday, October 4, 2013

Social Media Sensitivity

The title is pretty much self-explanatory.

A forewarning though, this is not directed towards any person, this is just my point of view with how things are going on around the world today.

Scenarios such as obsessed fans who will defend the honor, image and dignity of their idol artist, singer, personality, Internet celebrity, actor/actress, beauty queen, model, politician(?), TV host, teen star, or whoever whatever, are super common nowadays. The obvious result: one little basher gets bombarded (some say bullied) with hate messages and stuff that he or she becomes depressed in real life.

The worst part of this is that, some people who end up that way might result to suicide if not counseled properly.


Social media is indeed a powerful tool of spreading useful information, relevant news or a change movement. But as we all know, lots of people abuse it, like making a 5-star resort out of a plain rocky beach to profit, causing possible damage to fishermen livelihood and aquatic life.

My point is that, all of us get hurt when someone bashes our idol. But I think it's not right to be one-sided and to never listen to criticism, just because the said people use hurtful words. Sometimes, it's just their way of saying things - they like to be honest rather than be plastic, like most people on Facebook and Twitter who use hashtags and post selfies instead of doing something productive or art-worthy in their life.

I am not giving further examples, because you probably already know what I am talking about. And it's not just in our country - even famous people all over the world experience this kind of thing. It's a 1/1,000,000 ratio when it comes to basher vs. fans. We all know that bashing is a bad thing, but some aren't really bashes at all, but just honest opinions. And most importantly, what's the point of sensationalizing a basher? It will only make him or her more famous or could lead to self-shame and eventual suicide or depression. 

Take note that bashers are humans, too. They have limits on what kind of words they can take. Can 5-10 defensive advices for the bashers already be enough? Or are we so bent on hating others? Why are we even like that? Have we lost our hearts and given in to the 'stereotypical and conventional' way of living? Did we forget that there is such things called 'understanding' and 'forgiveness'? Don't we know what it's like to be surrounded by zombie-like naggers who dictate bad things about ourselves and about our loved ones?

I am not saying that we should not express our opinion against bashers - I am saying that we should be at least polite and not let our skimpy little reasoning get in the way. Take it easy with the comments. Here are my suggestions on what to do when a person makes a bash or disgraceful opinion about something you hate:

1. Try and understand why it was said. Some people like to be blind about a celebrity's issue and say that "how could he/she do that, he's a role model and an innocent person", but in mere truth, they are just being fooled by social media, advertisements and all those damn companies that manipulate our minds, to think that every celebrity/politician/whatever is a kind and innocent person all the way. No one is perfect, after all.

2. Ask and state politely. Please don't use cheap, hurting words such as curses, insults or personal word bullets against the person. Ask why is that person stating such a thing, and defend your side without the OA (over acting) factor. Most fans are too defensive that they think their idol is a perfect person, but it's not always true. Fans should be open to the fact that celebrities have weaknesses, too.

3. If you know a lot of people have already contradicted the basher, then stay out of the way. You will only add to that person's suffering. It's like killing a person twice or making double dead pork. Enough talk is enough.

4. If they really are offensive beyond reasoning and look like they enjoy bashing that person without a valid reason, simply ignore them. Some bashers just do it for fun, or to gain fame. Sensationalizing them will make them meet that end, and it won't do you any good, so just forget about them and focus on the more important things you need to do in life. Sitting around on social media sites and dipping your fingertips onto the issue won't improve your life.

5. Don't be one-sided. A lot of people, especially young teens, are only one-way when it comes to the perception of 'freedom of speech'. For example, they laugh at how a geeky girl in class dresses differently and is an anti-social, when, in fact, they themselves have weaknesses they are afraid to admit, such as skipping classes, not cooperating with group projects, spending hours on social media sites, and only entrusting their work to others whom they fool and take advantage of. Freedom of speech was made not to be abused, but it was also made to help people understand each other more. Surely, one-way criticism is not a way to do that.

I am not your teacher nor some media advocate or activist trying to perk things up. I am not an anonymous book author or a radio announcer who gives advices on life and love. I am not really a professional - but I can act like one when the going gets tough. I am just a simple freelancer who gives my two cents about things.

My only concern is that I've been a victim of bullying when I was a kid, just because I was different, and even now, I experience that because I have different taste in music, shows and similar media. For example, not everyone likes my Japanese-language or constructed-language songs. Not everyone likes anime, especially those of my age. Not everyone likes to work alone or stay at home. To cut the story short, I was always the odd ball of sorts in my class.

But hey, don't let it get you down that you have a different point of view from others. After all, there's this quote right here:

"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same." - Jonathan Davis

I believe that regardless of what people say about a certain issue, you should not be swayed. Believe in what you really believe, but don't curse unless needed. As for people who bash, well, just ignore them. They'll get tired eventually anyway, and there are more important issues in our country and in the world, more than that. 

You know, issues like how to roast pigs.


Dream Forecast said...

"And most importantly, what's the point of sensationalizing a basher?"

Yup, haters hatin' on other haters! Pointless. xD

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

Right you are! :D