Thursday, September 12, 2013

September updates!

Okay, so to update you with my stuff, here's a short (?) blog entry I've prepared.

7 Days - New Game Released

7 Days Title Screen.

I've released a new RPG pixel game, 7 Days. It's a puzzle/exploration game in which the main character, Sekie, is a boy trapped in a room where he must solve one puzzle per day within 7 days of being there, while attempting to recall his memories.

Download the game here
Check out my other games here

Diary of Broken (Manga) - Ongoing

Diary of Broken Chapters (deviantART).

My original manga, Diary of Broken, is still ongoing. For those who don't know yet, it's a horror/paranormal story based from my EP made in 2010. If you have time, please read it and let me hear your comments. Thanks!

Link to the manga chapters

Metronome (Original Story) - Ongoing

Metronome Chapter Covers (1-4).
As mentioned in my previous entries, my original sci-fi story, Metronome is still ongoing. If you have time, please read it and let me hear your comments. Thanks!

Link to the story chapters
My Wattpad Page

ReCode BX - New Story/Electronica Album

My new original album, ReCode BX was also released a few weeks ago. It is a futuristic story album that has various elements and cross genres of electronic music. Have a listen if you have time! Thanks!

Bandcamp link
 YouTube Crossfade Demo:

Just Close Your Eyes - Collaboration Work

Me and my friend Dream Forecast did a collaboration song. Check it out!

Mixcloud - Covers and Remixes

My Mixcloud Page.

Since YouTube is strict when it comes to covers and remixes of "super" copyrighted songs, I've decided to upload my other covers and remixes to Mixcloud, since I've ran out of space on SoundCloud. Please check them out if you have time.

Link to my Mixcloud

Tumblr Features and Gift Arts

Rosa and it's a small world (my original RPG pixel games) were featured on this massive post, along with other popular games like Ib, Mad Father, Corpse Party and The Crooked Man!

NanJi Sato did fanart of most of my games, and gift art for my favorite games:

Lost Utopia Fanart Set
Kazaki (Lost Utopia).

Ellen (Lost Utopia).

Allen (Lost Utopia).

7 Days - Sekie Fanart

Sekie (7 Days).

Blue Boy (Lost Utopia), Vaulter (Omnipresence) 
Blue Boy (Lost Utopia).

Vaulter Haufmann (Omnipresence).
note: Omnipresence is an uneleased/upcoming game I'm currently developing

The Crooked Man (Duke and David) - Swimming (Art Trade)

Duke and David (The Crooked Man) - Swimming Outfits.

Birthday Gift (for me) - Kazaki / Lost Utopia

Kazaki (Lost Utopia), birthday gift art.

So that's basically it! Thank you very much for checking out everything! :)

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