Saturday, July 13, 2013

WATER MONTH (New Stories, Games, Fandoms, Announcements, Etc.)

So anyways, here's a long list of my achievements (?) for this month, as well as announcements and (some) fandoms.

Xenos (New EP)


First of all, I've released a new EP called Xenos. It's a 5-track work that involves more on experimentation of genres rather than a solid theme. All songs are in English. 

Download from BandCamp

Listen to the Crossfade Demo

it's a small world 


My newest game, it's a small world, is finally released! It's a short exploration game that's about a girl lost inside a circus.

Download page

Check out my other games here

Metronome (New Story)


I've also done a new story called Metronome. It's a sci-fi story about Weizans, or people who have superhuman powers but no emotions, who try to take down a Dictator and save the world.

Link to info page with chapters

Catch the story on my Wattpad, too.

Diary of Broken Manga


In case you haven't checked it out yet, I'm doing my first original manga, Diary of Broken. It's going to be basically the manga/comic version of this old story of mine.

Read Here



I've also started making AMV's again (after some years ago when my YT account was banned XD). Here's my longest so far:

 For more, go to my Vimeo channel or my YouTube playlist.



I've also done some short speedpaints I've done using MS Paint and Camtasia (sorry my tablet doesn't work on Camtasia).

YouTube Playlist

New Anime / Game / TV Fandoms


I'm currently into a bunch of fandoms today, but I'll just break them down into short (bullet) reviews:

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

  • Unique sports anime (Swimming!)
  • Sexy muscular boys (obviously)
  • Fan service (/shot forever)
  • Awesome graphics
  • Soundtrack is cool (DUBSTERP)
  • Everything is perfect

Devil Survivor 2 (Animation)

  • Concept is unique and realistic (Demon-summoning mobile app LOL)
  • Character design is awesome (Hibiki-bunny)
  • Plot is reminiscent of Chaos;HEad and Serial Experiments Lain
  • Yamato reminds me of Seto Kaiba XD
  • I wanna play the game version (but I don't have a console)

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

  • Everything is epic
  • It was my childhood dream to be a Titan /shot
  • No other needed words for this XD

Mermaid Swamp (RPG Horror Game)

  • Art is super top-notch, as expected from Uri
  • Super creepy and disturbing (in an excellent way)
  • Kinda slow but I think that justifies the "watery" theme of the game
  • Not gonna finish playing it coz paintings and eyes ugh
  • But nonetheless it's beautiful

My Husband's Lover (Filipino TV Series)

  • Plot is very very very unique
  • Scenes are arranged exquisitely
  • I respect homosexuals, kthxbye

Final Words (?)

Thank you so much for checking out all my stuff from the top. It means a lot to me. Well, that's it for now! Again, thanks for reading! :)

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