Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lost Utopia Game Release + Other Fandoms.

Lost Utopia Game

So recently, I've finally released my 3rd original / free game, Lost Utopia.


If you've been listening to my music for a long time, you'd know Lost Utopia is also a series of albums about dreams. It's time I made it into a game so that more people can explore various places in my dreams through the game. Here's a preview video:

Download the game here
Download the original soundtrack here (56 songs + bonus items)

New Accounts

Recently, I've also registered new accounts on the following sites, if you haven't followed them yet:
  • Vimeo - for my AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and such that can't be uploaded to YouTube due to copyright reasons.
  • Pixiv - sort of like deviantART but allows you to upload multiple images in a single artwork post. Not to mention all the awesome Japanese artists are there with superb artworks.
  • Bandcamp - where I post my purchasable music, so that if you like my works, you can spent a few bucks for an HQ download plus bonus items. 
  • Wattpad - I also post my stories here.

Art / Features / Collabs from friends

I've also received overwhelming support from friends lately!

First, Uri (developer of The Crooked Man game)  featured my Duke MacGahan fanart in her journal here. I'm so happy!

NanJi Sato (Thai artist) drew fanart of Kazaki from the Lost Utopia Game!

I was the featured artist for the deviantART group dA-Melody (with DreamForecast as the admin). I'm so grateful!

DreamForecast also made a quick playthrough of the Lost Utopia game! Beware of spoilers though.

Another good friend of mine, Ocean, now uses my songs as background music for her speedpaints! Check her out, she is an awesome artist!

And last, but definitely not the least, Jake Yuon / xPsychoBladesx made a collaboration fanmade anime OP of The Crooked Man with me, using my fan art! :)

So anyway, that's all I had to announce / blog for today. Thanks for checking out my stuff as always! :)

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