Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crook All The Things!

In this post, I will gladly showcase my newest favorite horror game/story called "The Crooked Man".

It's a lot similar to Bongcheon-Dong Ghost in terms of story and characters, but instead of girls, you get handsome guys as the protagonist and antagonist. Very beautiful. 

Also, there's also the fact that the Crooked Man looks like a hybrid of all sorts of scary figures (Jeff the Killer, Mrs. Cho, Slenderman, etc.) into one awesome (and scary) dude. Not to mention David Hoover (the main hero) looks hawt (and at some point when I first saw him, I felt like Crookie looks hawt too before he died or sth like that).


As far as the story, I already *cheated* and watched other LPers who finished the game to find out about the Crooked Man's back story, since PewDiePie will probably take a long time to finish it (and I can't stand my curiosity). Anyways, the story is very beautiful and heart-touching - it's like playing Kingdom Hearts 2 all over again, except it's gore. The game might be really long (and puzzle-filled), but it's all worth it in the end. Also, the art is nicely done (love the bishies) and each character was well-developed. As for the sound, I love how various piano sonatas and concertos were used, giving it a "Phantom of the Opera" sort of feel. Really cool.

So far, here are some TCM-related things that I've made. Enjoy.
Spoiler alert when available. :)

Hope you had fun, and I'll be sure to make more TCM stuff, because this game is really awesome.
Check out this game if you dare. It's got everything: BISHIES, PUZZLES, JUMPSCARES and FEELS. \:D/

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