Monday, March 18, 2013

100 Music Challenges I've Passed.

Here are some 100 music challenges (not all of them) that I've passed since I started making music (2007).

1. Overall sound should not 'sound like FL Studio' (esp. synths).
2. Make your piano realistic.
3. Make your piece non-repeating and lively.
4. Sing in vibrato and improve vocal skills.
5. Use tempo dynamics.
6. Use velocity (volume) dynamics.
7. Do not leave too much blank space at the end of your render.
8. Do not go above 0 decibels (clipping).
9. Use a stereo-surround effect.
10. Use soundfonts to make your song realistic.

11. Explore different genres of music.
12. Use a VST that's non-FL native.
13. Use Propellerhead Reason for ReWire in FL Studio.
14. Make your acoustic guitars 'guitar-sounding', not piano-sounding.
15. Record vocals.
16. Avoid too much reverb on vocals.
17. Do not rely on MIDI files for remixes or remakes.
18. Listen to more music to get more ideas.
19. Grab or download more Sytrus presets.
20. Grab or download more samples and sound effects.
21. Grab or download more drum loops and instrument loops.
22. Grab or download realistic trance and techno drums.
23. Balance sounds (some should not be too loud or too soft).
24. Use panning techniques.
25. Use alternate cymbals (right and left).
26. Check if some notes are doubled.
27. Make use of automation effects (e.g. cutoff) and filters.
28. Route each instrument to separate mixer channels.
29. Use instruments depending on genre.
30. Render instrument into .wav if you're losing CPU.
31. Re-shuffle drum loops using Fruity Slicer.
32. Make use of game / movie / anime / etc samples.
33. Learn the basic waveform shapes.
34. Instead of using the common C-E-G chord, try using C-G-C or much more.
35. Use MIDI sound as instruments using Fruity LSD.
36. Make a song that's longer than 5 minutes or more (in my case, I made an 8-minute song, so I passed).
37. Use soundfonts on Reason to avoid long render time.
38. Violin should be realistic.
39. Guitars should be realistic.
40. Learn basic post-hardcore riffs.
41. Learn double-peds sequencing.
42. Put solo leads on your songs.
43. Use Vocaloid software.
44. Use UTAU software.
45. Use glitchy effects. (think shemusic)
46. Use reverb and audio stretching, reverse vocals for ambient.
47. Learn neofolk/neoclassical sounds (e.g. Recorder, Flute, folk instruments, etc.).
48. Pitch down vocals for gender-bending (a.k.a. Diary of Broken XD).
49. Don't hesitate to search the FL browser for neat loops and samples.
50. Use 3XOSC stuff for pro-sounding techno/trance stuff.
51. Use your own vocal samples for sampling (not just singing).
52. Make a full album with 10 tracks or more.
53. Make a single with instrumental versions of the song(s).
54. Make an EP.
55. Make a live piano album.
56. Make a story album or EP.
57. Make a concept album or EP.
58. Make a DIY music video.
59. Make a Flash music video.
60. Make a remix album. Did it.
61. Make a full-vocaloid song/album/EP.
62. Make a song in another language (e.g. Hymmnos or constructed language). Tons of that. XD
63. Use lyre band xylophone as instrument or for live cover.
64. Make an album using 'real instruments' (e.g. flute, xylophone, Casio CTK-80, Android MIDI player, etc.).
65. Use the step sequencer for drums instead of piano roll.
66. Use Antares Autotune for vocal effects.
67. Use a VST to produce vinyl sounds.
68. Make a Filipino album. Heto na po.
69. Get banned from YouTube, make a new account, and be a successful indie musician (that counts? XD).
70. Get replies from famous people and musicians. Yo.
71. Meet a girl composer and producer.
72. Do a collaboration with another artist.
73. Play live in a band or as solo artist.
74. Hone keyboard skills.
75. Buy a MIDI keyboard / controller.
76. Record piano covers on YouTube.
77. Do vocal layering (think Akiko Shikata).
78. Use Newtone for gender-bending. (into a much-manlier Broken XD)
79. Make a dubstep song. Why not?
80. Make a song dedicated to a movie, anime, etc.
81. Make a Tagalog fan dub!
82. Sequence in Jazz+ Midi Sequencer (almost forgot about this).
83. Sell your first digital album!
84. Do OPM remakes.
85. Correct grammars on Japanese, Hymmnos and other languages.
86. Use Steinberg Cubase.
87. Use Renoise.
88. Make an EP using 4 different DAWs (FL Studio, Cubase, Renoise and Reason).
89. Make FL Studio Tutorials / Video Tutorials.
90. Cover a bunch of J-pop songs (Acknowledge Third Party Content included).
91. Remix a bunch of mainstream/pop songs (Acknowledge Third Party Content included).
92. Creat an UTAU/Vocaloid effect for your songs only using FL Studio.
93. Remake songs of your friends or band friends.
94. Make an FL Studio Tutorial Blog.
95. Make a mashup using 21 songs. Also, thank you Madeon.
96. Make a REAL OFFICIAL remix for a contest.
97. Use Akai DC Vocoder.
98. Make a full House album.
99. Get your song(s) to be featured by a famous person. HOORAY \:D/
100. Make yourself happy by making more music. :)

WHEW! Thanks for reading! :D

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