Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Projects, Announcements, Bandaged Broken-look-alikes, yep.

This is going to be another section-by-section post.

My Blogs

Advice Space (left), Kazaki's FL Studio Tutorials (right).
I'm sure that you've heard of this before, but my two blogs have now been upgraded with the design and more content has been added. If you'd like to visit, then here:

My Website

Album / Listening page for my album, "LightYears".

So far, my discography has been fixed on my website and you can now check out my songs, albums and stuff. All my works are organized into players/playlists so you can play them.

Mad Father

Broken, my OC (left) & Dio, from Mad Father (right).


Other than that, the game was awesome, especially the story, true to the 'German Faust' thingy.

AMA Lucena Seminar

My certificate from the AMA Lucena Seminar.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the seminar yesterday at AMA Lucena where I talked about Digital Audio Production, played/made music, and stuff. ^^

"Pusong Bato"

Stolen from http://angblagistangmalditangthebeat.blogspot.com/ :)

Now, can anyone tell me who the original artist of this overly-played-cover-etc OPM song is? I'd like to know so I can credit the person(s) properly if I make a cover/remake someday. :)

I got a Chuck Norris Phone!!!

More specifically, a Nokia 6310, thanks to my awesome Godfather (Ninong) / Uncle. Just need to find a charger (or new battery) though. XD

So...'till next time. :)
*busy mode on*

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