Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oppa Ganda Style! (Sisterakas Review)

Now now. Don't be mad just because I watched a mainstream movie. :)

In all honesty, I am more into comedy-genre shows today, both in Japanese anime and movies / TV. Nothing can compare to the laughter of being relaxed by unpredictable actors and actresses with witty random words that smack up your TV screen or an entire movie theater, or a YouTube player, for that matter. There is a certain magic that comedy-genre movies are able to do that most genres can't do, and that is to help people relax from the hustle of the real world, by making them feel alive again.


And who'd better do that than a skilled entertainer like Jose Marie Viceral, a.k.a. (as we all know), Vice Ganda.

I never expected to actually be curious enough about Sisterakas because I do not necessarily like Kris Aquino or Daniel Padilla or Kathryn Bernardo (because everyone has different preferences). To be blunt, I only wanted to watch it with my family because I like comedy, and both Vice Ganda and Ai Ai Delas Alas are highly skilled in that VERY hard field of acting. 

As mentioned in my previous Dolphy post, comedy is a tough job. If no one laughs at your jokes, that means you suck. If you're predictable, it means you're useless. So the key is the element of sudden randomness and something that makes you versatile and at the same time, funny, in a humorous way, never over-acting, just good fun. 

I'd say the movie, both in terms of story pacing and fun factor, is a good watch. It has a lot more good points than bad points, and has a much unique theme. Also, compared to the other movie I've watched for the MMFF (Si Enteng, Si Agimat at Ako), Sisterakas had almost no 'obvious' advertisements, except for a few commercial lines which really didn't point out any specific product and was only for the sole purpose of breaking the fourth wall in a comic way. Even if the story is quite a stereotypical one, the pacing of the story is precise and the dialogues are so sharp that it blows in-your-face like Chuck Norris...except that it's Vice Ganda for this case. Even my manly dad actually laughed. 

I do have a side comment, though. I would have appreciated the movie more if the one who played as the president of the rival company of Vice would've been someone else, such as Angelica Panganiban (if she didn't have One More Try), Anne Curtis, or Eugene Domingo (seriously!). Not to mention, I was quite irritated with the excessive (and pointless) references to James Yap - seriously, it's not as funny as it is, and may even lead to the basketball player actually filing a libel case against his ex-wife. But that's just what I think, so for her fans, don't get offended.

On another side note, why are there two Daniels (Matsunaga and Padilla) in the movie? Coincidence or fated? Hmm...let's move on anyway.

Vice's acting career, in my opinion, is going to be legendary throughout time and space. His (her) passion, creativity, talent and uniqueness is what makes him (her)...beautiful (1D? O_O lol). But anyways, I personally think Vice will go a long way in show business because I believe that he's not like the rest of the gay community - he's more 'professional' but still close to our hearts. He somehow tries to blur the gap between hipsters and swagsters and sometimes, he touches us. I don't know - I guess that's just me, and a thousand like him (her) on this country (and planet).

And as a final word, there is a good reason why Sisterakas became a top grosser. It's not exactly because ABS-CBN is the top-grossing channel in the country - but because of our natural culture to pamper ourselves with lighthearted entertainment, and the extraordinary talents of Ai Ai and this part-man, part-woman, and (pardon me but) part-horse. :)

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