Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reply Letter to the Younger Kazaki.

Dear my past self,

I received your letter and read it. Thank you so much for writing to me; it means a lot for me! Okay, one by one, I will answer all of your questions.

First of all, yes, the world today is not how it seems. People are getting even more violent because that too, is a part of human advancement. It means that we are taking a step forward both in good and bad deeds. Secondly, you're not a kid - you're matured well for me than most people I know today. Even if you do act childish, I think that maturity is how you deal with people and not what you believe in. It's how you respect and forgive others despite how many times they have mistreated you. And I think you are a good example of that.


As for the everlasting hope, see it's not meant for me, rather, I didn't want that kind of future all along. I wanted to be free of too much obligations on me, but still be able to do good things to others, and this is why I became a freelancer. I mean, going abroad is a good thing, or working in a real company, but I'd rather slow down unlike the rest, because this is where I truly find my happiness. This is how I become closer to God and to nature, and avoid too much stress. 

About the musician part, don't worry; we'll get there someday. Also, you will soon realize that in the end, being famous no longer matters - it's just added attraction to your artsy life. What is more important is your friends and the people who truly appreciate your music, no matter how small your audience is. Many believe that art won't save the world, but I believe it can. We believe it can, right? Art can heal the minds of people, and music is a form of art, too.

As for famous people, yes I did. I got into a slight contact with a number of famous musicians and artists like Lain Trzaska (she / shemusic), Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Lourd de Veyra, Rico Blanco, Geraldine "Fame" Flores, Angela Aki (via Retweet only), Akiko Shikata (or her staff?), Yuyoyuppe and Neil Buchanan (he followed me on Twitter!). You must be quite excited hearing all of those, but sadly, I kind of gave up on KOTOKO because she was getting mainstreamed (famous) and all, and electronic music was pretty much already normal these days, unlike in your days.And about Justin Bieber well, you probably already know the answer to that. :)

Sadly, the world today is too open; you can't freely say things without getting consequences. I sure wished I could voice out on some things without all eyes on me, but you know very well I can't. And there's nothing I can really do about it, except maybe tell you all of these things. Heheh.

I do have a boyfriend now; his name is Noel "Champ" Camba, and yes, he's tall and handsome. He's also very kind, despite our cultural differences. It is with him that I've learned to deal with differences and be more positive in life, and I'm sure he'll like you too. 

But for the online friends, sadly, things didn't turn out well. However, I have two new online friends namely Kitsi and Rina (Rayl), who are NicoNicoDouga J-pop singers, and we meet often times during special occasions. I'm sure they'll also like you as well.

As for my looks...well thanks. But I just did it 'for the lulz', heheh. After all, you can get bored with your lifestyle and you are now free to change it anyway you want, including clothing and hairdo. :)

From now on, I'll always contact you and I'll never let you go. I'll never ever forget you anymore; I'll take you into this mad world and we'll go through together. You should also thank Nicki Minaj for making me reach you right now. Don't worry, I love you too, little Kristel. I promise that I won't waste all of your hardwork in the past. I'll always keep you beside me, even if I do become mainstream someday, I'll introduce you to my fans. I'll always treasure your words...forever.

Kristel Ann "Kazaki" Cuadra (21 years old)


Dream Forecast said...

Ahh, that's so nice! xD

*is totally inspired to go do the same*

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

Thanks, and sure! Go go go! :D