Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everyone IZALAYER. (AMALAYER commentary)

First of all, I have nothing against OA / conyo-English-spekaing women, unless they really go bitching behind my back (and in my front too).

In case you haven't heard of it yet, AMALAYER is a simple story of verbal abuse in the LRT stations of Manila, Philippines. I need not hear or read further of this because it's a cliche of our daily life - with the exception of being pushed by the manipulatively overreacting social media hoodlums and junkies.

I have no idea if this woman, Paula Jamie Salvosa, is actually following the footsteps of Miriam Defensor Santiago or Claudine Baretto (no offense, as Baretto's case is quite different). But I think that in such a scene, anyone would react the same way - minus the OA conyo cursing, that is.


I myself have experiences of lady guards (let's not mention where) who are being mean and stuff. I went to the mall and this obnoxious woman security guard was having a chit-chat with someone else, and presumably, she didn't want to check my bag anymore and let me through. But just as I walked right in, she stopped me and made me feel like I've shot someone to death. What a bitch, really. But the ending is that I didn't complain - I simply walked away like nothing happened. After all, starting a ruckus would just be...stupid and unprofessional. And thank God I didn't end up like Salvosa.

Furthermore, there are even more stupid people like that in our society, such as people who wait in line on your back and complain of how long the line is, making you feel like it's your goddamn fault but you can't do anything because the counter service is just like that (it looks normal to me by the way) and the said person is just f*cking impatient, that's all. There are even those ugly men who talk tough and put the blame on you when you didn't really spill their bowl of soup, but they made it look like you did. Said people don't have dignity at all.

So I can't really feel sorry for the lady guard, as I was a victim of the same abuse. After all, everyone can make mistakes and have some temperament problems from time to time, right? This is the world of adults - everyone is expected to be ready for anything and anyone who would punch or slap him or her in the face. Bosses and employees alike can be hotheaded too, and we are not machines - we feel tiredness and laziness sometimes, especially if we don't get the right pay or get bored with our current life today. Or maybe some people are just too damn perfectionists.

Let me get this straight for you in a couple of bulleted lines. In this world:
  • Paula Jamie Salvosa is not the only OA conyo-speaking girl.
  • Sen. Tito Sotto is not the only person who did plagiarism.
  • Mon Tulfo was not the only one who tried badly to expose social irregularities.
  • PSY is not the only K-pop artist.
  • Justin Bieber is not the only homosexual-looking teen star.
  • Nicki Minaj is not the only one who sings and dresses up in various characters.
  • I am not the only social critic / anti-basher / imaginative weirdo.
So people, save your time wisely. You've got better things to do than FarmVille, duck face pictures, and of course, overrating social issues like this. You've got a job to do. You've got assignments to finish. You've got dishes to wash. You've got meetings to attend. And furthermore, you've got life to live.

As for Salvosa's tone of voice, I have no right to bash her, because one of these days, I might be able to do that too, when the situation calls for it. And when I do, I will make sure it's in a place without people and without technology, or else I wa s;dfzoifdssssdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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