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People (and things) you shouldn't criticize, part 3!

I'm doing a part 3! I can't believe how mainstream-hipster I am! O:
And once again, all of these are OPINIONS! Read at your own risk; everyone of us has their own stand anyway. Just an eye-opener. :)

1. Sen. Tito Sotto
I bet you have already heard this in my previous entries. Plagiarism is done today by millions of people - it's just that the senator wasn't that lucky that he was in the public eye.
Any student can cheat in exams. Any stupid actor / actress can instantly become a recording artist by purchasing rights to remake thousands of songs that have already cracked of being overused. Students and teachers need to photocopy papers. Books, magazines and reading paraphernalia are sold in copies. Lots of commercials had been based from famous pop songs like "Call me Maybe" or "Good Time", same goes for movie theme songs. You hear 'Turuan mo 'ko n'yan' and similar Tagalog-translated songs everywhere. But why just him? Why not others who sound more irritating than copying a former American president's speech?

The answer is simple: because mass media is the Illuminati and it is controlling the opinions of the mindless Filipinos today. I mean, c'mon peeps, do some research on how to speak properly! Bashing is very unethical, and also, it sucks when it's done to you, right? Why not correct him in a non-insulting way instead of stoning him to shame? I mean, would you want to be stoned for cheating in an exam? I don't think so.

2. One Direction
Boyzone, A1, Westlife, N'sync, and many others. I know, I know - I'm a 90's kid and I've been there. But how different is 1D from all of these boy bands? Just because they use electronic house beats and irritating verse melodies, they suck? I don't think so. A boy band is a boy band - it's all about the looks, the swag, and the ability to sing together as a group. It's the nature of being a boy band.

I'm not saying 1D guys look hot or anything - it's just that we should give them some respect (even a little) because each of us have the right to be anything that we want to be, including being musicians.

3. Anonymous
Some of them are hackers, but not all of them, as mentioned in the previous post. The group is the modern Robin Hood and not only trolls for fun, but also for a cause, like for Internet freedom, rights of netizens and people, and many other causes. They don't benefit from it; they are simply 'hacktivists' who fight for the common good, and not for the bad, as many 'illiterates' think. These people have negative points of view of the Internet and hackers, just as many people think that all bacteria is bad, when there's actually good bacteria and bad bacteria.

So if you think you're blocking netizens from freedom of speech, then Anonymous will soon be knocking on your door.

4. Ragecomics and Memes
Some try to offend mainstream artists, politicians, and other things. But not all of them are made that way. The reason that they were invented is just to make us laugh and be relieved of stress. In fact, I have posted here a bunch of reasons why Ragecomics and Memes are useful and good:

5. Tumblr
People are accusing Tumblr as if it were Sen. Tito Sotto - a copycat. That's where they're wrong. The site isn't a copycat - the users are. Lots of people (even on Pinterest) simply repost, reblog or retweet stuff and have ABSOLUTELY NO original content. Therefore, users should, at least, post some original stuff, to keep Tumblr's reputation up. And the good thing about Tumblr is that it lets you be creative with different content.

So the next time you criticize Tumblr, think again. Or instead, contribute by posting original content NOT from 9gag or any other site, but your own. Same goes for Pinterest pinners. I mean, I don't reblog or repin, as far as I can. I keep my pages clean.

6. Pres. Noynoy Aquino
"There is no perfect president", as some people say. And this is, in fact, the truth, and goes hand-in-hand with "nobody's perfect", right? So why criticize our president when he's just trying to do his best? You're talking about the bias stuff? That's normal in the political game, but at least he wasn't completely bias unlike former administrations. I think that the problem with our country is that there are leaders wanting to make a stand but none of us are willing to help out, not to mention lower-level politicians taking in ill-gotten cash.

If you say 'the president sucks' and you are not even paying your tax or donating on-the-spot on typhoon victims, then you have no right to say such words.

7. Cyber Crime Law of the Philippines
All laws have positive and negative sides. CCL actually aims for the Cyber Porn and Internet Fraud, not merely on Online Libel alone. And in fact, Online Libel (in my point of view) has good effects if it is revamped because not only does it discipline people to refrain from cursing others, but it also saves the reputation of people who are victims of POINTLESS cyberbullying like Tito Sotto, Myrtle Sarrosa, Manny Pacquiao and countless celebrities. We can just say that Social Media is just f*cking exaggerated about things, and users are like mindless zombies acting out on a stupid apocalypse.

I am not against the freedom of speech (obviously); I am against cyber bullying and pointless bashing, when you can just politely make constructive criticism instead of saying things like 'copycat' or 'maarte'. It's just pointless.

8. Miriam Defensor-Santiago
People (especially old and narrow-minded ones) often label her as 'may sayad', but I don't think that's the case. I can say that her brain levels are a bit exaggerated but she is, nonetheless, a wise woman. She can make people laugh by funny pick-up lines. She slams the table every time pointless politicians snooze over a congress or senate discussion. She uses the power of her mouth to smack in some sense to people, much like how the Tulfo brothers attempt to make the Philippines a better place. But sadly, Filipinos are just stubborn, full of pride, and judgmental. And not even she nor I can change that.

There is a reason for all of her cursing - to wake you up in a deep freeze of brainwashing Social Media tyranny.

9. Sucker Punch
Listen: just because a movie's ending sucks doesn't mean it really sucks. Bashers also point out the frequent use of fantasy scapes and Japanese culture (cosplay) which they particularly don't like, but hey - everyone of us has different opinions about cultures. I don't know why people bash cosplay, fantasy and Japan so much - maybe we have really 'outgrown our Peter Pan's and wings, and simply grown too old for tales of knights and kings', like singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan said in the song "Constant Change". If that's the case, then I feel really sad about this very, very flat and monotonous world. Or maybe it's because some people prioritize money, job and professionalism so much that they forgot being a kid and being a believer.

I tell you, even if you are a thousand years old, nothing beats having the heart of a kid. So stop complaining about the movie and watch a different one if you like.

10. Japan
Like I mentioned above, Japan seems to be overly criticized. Is it because of Hentai (Japanese Porn)? Is it because of prostitution and weird anime? Is it because Japan tried to take over Asia and attacked so many people? You gotta be more broad-minded than that! Not all Japanese act that way, especially people of the new age. Even those who were attacked by the Tsunami didn't think about themselves - they instantly helped each other out, tried to rescue people, and rationally divided food and supplies amongst everyone - not leaving too much for themselves. Is that what you call 'sinful' and should 'go to hell'? You must be joking.

Next time you criticize Japan, think twice and do some research. Every country and set of people have good sides that you might not know of, maybe even better than your own country.

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