Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Blog Projects

Okay guys, I have something to share with you: it's my three blog projects.

Yes, I'm a freelancer now and a writer, so any form of support would be DEFINITELY appreciated.

AdviceSpace - a blog site full of interesting articles that give you pro-tips, how-to guides, and advices on almost any subject, category and aspect of life. This is a good read for everyone who likes helpful, educational and interesting write-ups.


Kazaki's Fruity Loops Tutorials - my FL Studio tutorial blog where I post a lot of, well, FL Studio tutorials! Check it out for tips and tricks, both for beginner and advanced users, in which articles are organized by category as well. A must-read for composers, arrangers, producers, electronic/indie artists, etc.

TriviaHub - a Facebook page sharing tons of unique and cool trivia for you to learn stuff and share with friends! Topics can be almost about anything and can be very informative, funny, or sometimes life-changing.

Well, so much for the advertisement. I hope you support these projects of mine (and my boyfriend's too). Thanks!


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