Monday, August 20, 2012

Of Action Heroes and Paintings.

Well, in this entry, I'm gonna share with you two stuff that I've taken interest in today.

The first one is about the movie Expendables 2: Back from War.

Me and my bf got a chance to see it on the movies a few days ago. And did you know why we wanted to see it (aside from the fact that we both saw the first movie)? It's because of this guy:

Chuck Norris from a scene in Expendables 2: Back from War.
Chuck Norris, as we all know, is a "superhuman" in the internet, when it comes to memes and all of that stuff, he is compared to an all-invincible, indestructible Nokia mobile phone from the early 2000's. And what I believe, is that they've used this "Chuck Norris Phenomenon" to be a marketing strategy and added spice to the movie. And boy, did it work! The whole thing was not just action, but also comedy! We both laughed so hard that day. So...let's prepare for some Expendables 2 CN memes after a few days!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Longplayer, Dubstep, Autotune, etc.

Why do you think I am posting this?

The above mentioned things have always been criticized due to their being "unnatural" forms of music. But my opinion is that, they are still music, no matter how much technology you put into them. Music doesn't depend on simplicity or complexity; it depends on how much heart or emotion the creator has put into it.

I will further elaborate this.