Sunday, July 8, 2012

People (and things) you shouldn't criticize. Part II

People are going to kill me for this. COME AT ME BRO :<

1. Myrtle Abigail Sarrosa

Cosplayers and anime fans are pretty much the same as other geeks in different fields. They are also no different from artists of different genres. They have their own style and world. Perhaps people are only criticizing her because of her personality, but that is NOT how you judge art. Cosplaying is art too, you know.

If you're an anime/otaku fan and you hate her - shame on you. You are downing your own kind.

2. Timothy Bradley

Okay I know it's obvious that the judges were *a bit* bias, but get over it. Are we not tired of seeing Pacquiao win battle after battle? Are we not bored enough? C'mon, you know how it feels hearing a mainstream K-pop or Western song over and over again! It's the same thing!

Maybe we have too much pride on our own hero that we don't care about other nationalities anymore?

3. Justin Bieber

Listen, I'm NOT saying this because he looks good or has connection with a character from my past, or anything like that. I'm saying this as an ARTIST. I think that he is quite unique, compared to many monotonous and "normal-looking" male singers out there, despite the shallow lyrics. So what? At least he contributes to most of his songs, unlike other performers. I bet some people from the Jackson 5 era who are not of that era anymore feel the same thing towards the little Michael, don't you think so? And how about the Hanson brothers? Didn't they start off as kids too?

I know everyone hates him because he is gay. But even gays have rights.

4. Owl City

Imagination is something that pushes music and art outside the box. Without it, there is no art, there is nothing. I don't care if he gets mainstream or anything - his music and lyrics will pretty much stay the same imaginary feel, but of course, with experimentation. I think it's also okay to switch between mainstream and underground sound, to be more flexible and less boring.

He's not childish. You are.

5. Fruity Loops Studio

Let's say you have tons of professional and expensive digital audio workstations (DAWs), plus MIDI instruments, guitars, and a well-built studio. But your skills as a composer are still not that great. All of those pricey things around you are meaningless. In fact, even kids on the street can make better beats by using recycled containers.

There is a saying, "FL Studio is as professional as its user".

6. Dubstep

Oldies lovers did not accept electronic disco. Disco lovers did not accept boy band and hip-hop genres. 90s kids did not accept house and techno. And so the cycle goes. What I am trying to point out here is Dubstep is a genre, regardless if it's mainstream or not. K-pop is also a genre, and so are Techno, Trance, DNB, Acid, Jazz, House, Neo-Classical, Novelty Pop, J-pop, and many many more. Dubstep takes a lot of skill (as mentioned in my previous post). You have to know basic LFO / cutoff manipulation.

It's not random noise - it's post-hardcore in electronic format.

7. WWE

I understand wrestling fans miss the real hardcore days. I have not really become a wrestling fan until WWE first came in (John Cena era), so I probably do not understand what I'm saying right now. But I think it's okay to see staged actors and actresses spit out words against each other and throw chairs and tables everywhere - not something you see in a normal Teleserye (soap opera).

The bottom line: entertainment. So what if it's fake? It is about entertainment though. If you don't like it, there's always UFC and boxing anyway.

8. Criss Angel

There are two kinds of magic that exists in this world: scientific (trickery) magic and occult (unexplained) magic. I recall a phrase from Thor: "Maybe magic is science that we do not understand yet." We do now know a magician's secret, but what I can tell you is that Criss Angel (along with David Copperfield, David Blaine) wouldn't succeed if they did not have good magic skills. Being good in magic tricks means you have a high intellect and a fast-moving brain. Seriously, why can't we all just enjoy the show?

People who always point out flaws and secrets of a magician has no sense of imagination.

9. Barney

Barney almost became my childhood, and if he did, I would be so thankful. Unfortunately, Dexter and Dee Dee were my childhood, which included a character similar to Barney: the Koosalagoopagoop (Dee Dee's imaginary friend). If you are saying Barney is manipulative, I think you are wrong. Barney is trying to help us widen our imagination and think outside of the box.

You don't have imagination if you don't respect him.

10. Carly Rae Jepsen

"Call Me Maybe" is a good song; it just got overrated that's why many people hate her, and the fact that it became mainstream thanks to Justin Bieber. But listen to her voice; you do not simply hear that kind of voice anywhere. She has poise and knows how to keep herself in place. Her duet with Owl City, "Good Time" is a great eye-opener for mainstream vs. underground people, that it would be much better if people respected each other no matter the label.

Her voice is unique and accented. She acts professionally. Comparing her to Selena Gomez or Rebecca Black is stupid.

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