Saturday, July 7, 2012

Atomic Rearrangement Theories?

So okay...I'll be posting a slightly scientific entry today.

Basically, most of us already probably know (from our science class) that everything in this world is made up of atoms, and these atoms can still be broken down into further subatomic particles. In short, we are not really a whole object but a combination of many small objects.


But what does that leave us?

Those are really good starting points for some futuristic ideas: teleportation, object creation / manifestation, object manipulation / shape-shifting, walking through walls / objects, and much much more. So here are my thoughts and ideas:


In this concept, one is supposed to be transferred from one place to another in the speed of light. If we look at the scientific fact of atoms, that means we can break down these atom structures and convert them into something that can be transferred from one machine to another, sort of like converting data we enter on the computer into binary language which the computer can understand. Afterwards, the atomic particles will be re-arranged just as they were on the original platform / machine. 

However, they have to be in the correct order, or the object or person can turn out wrong, e.g. deformed, out of shape, out of mind, etc. In fact, my dad once told me of a story (probably told by his brother) about a secret Western project involving the teleportation of a huge ship with people. Most of the people were reported to be missing and some lost their minds, and the boat was found on the desert. But I do not know if this is true or not.

Object Manifestation

This is a bit hard to visualize with the atomic theory. But I think it goes something like this: maybe one day, our brain will have some sort of atomic converter in which if we visualize something, it will come to life through atomic arrangement. However, we have to remember how that object looks or feels first before we materialize it. For example, you ate an apple yesterday and still remember it. You can recreate it by remembering what it was and your brain will convert the data into atomic particles, into a solid object. This theory is actually somewhat based from the theory in the anime Chaos;HEad, where people can materialize delusions.

Object Manipulation

The concept is pretty much the same as teleportation, in which we can manipulate an object or person's atomic structure. For example, if you have an orange and want it to become bigger, you just need to multiply / duplicate its atomic particles and it can result into a bigger mass. When you want to shrink it, just divide the particles in half or whatever size you want. Changing an appearance also works that way, if you already know how a certain new feature of an object or a person is formed in atomic particles. A good example would be changing black, short hair into brown, curly hair.

Walking through walls and objects

This is a little bit impossible in atomic particle theories, but it can be possible in soul theories. If we finally have the technology (or method) to temporarily separate the soul from the body, then we can be able to walk through objects and walls. However, there is still a chance for the atomic particle idea. Maybe if the particles (of the body) were to be "squashed" in like a thread through a needle hole, to be able to fit through the wall or object?

Well...these are only my theories; I do not know if they are theoretically correct or possible. I wrote this at the best of my knowledge and further reading. Comment some stuff below if you are interested in pointing out things. Thanks!

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