Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Avengers Time!

I'm back from a beautiful adventure, guys!

Me and my boyfriend had a trip to Festival Mall, Alabang yesterday. And you know what we came for?

Marvel's Avengers.
That's right - we're catching the very last showing of this movie, since it's not showing on SM City Lucena anymore. But first...let me tell you why I've suddenly taken an interest in a mainstream film, which I am not normally doing in my life in the past.

Loki (child form and adult form) from MLDR and Loki from Avengers.
Loki is known as the Norse god of mischief (or chaos in other versions). Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok is a (pretty old) anime that features Loki as the protagonist who plays the role similar to Detective Conan. And then, there is also a Loki in Marvel's Avengers...who is the antagonist. After watching the movie, I have concluded that the Loki in this movie (as yukihime from Pantalea forums told me) is really kind of cool. His personality is like a cross of Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail) and Jeff the Killer...psychotic, narcissist, and...quite comic. Haha.

Le me derping around the cinema venue, still carrying my bag.
As for the whole movie, I think it's not really bad. I personally enjoyed the many quirks and comic scenes, which made me feel like I'm watching Fairy Tail or Adventure Time. In the future, I also hope I see more movies like these - a break from the heart-breaking dramatic movies with heavy emotions and all that. Overall, Avengers is a great movie to take away your stress and make your problems go away...especially Hulk's scenes. LOL

Then later on, we ate at the Food Court while derping around the stalls...

Yeah, so decided to upload this shot for you guys.
Another thing that's special about this trip is that I'm wearing my favorite hoodie and black pants. Plus, I have short hair too. So...

Trying to cosplay Jeff. LOL
Because we went to Festival Mall, I've also decided to purchase a bunch of new original audio CDs. I couldn't find The Black Parade, but I did manage to buy Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. And guess what? There's Skrillex's Bangarang too! O:

My Chemical Romance + Skrillex = Headbang! :D
Until then, see you guys! I hope to earn more money soon, as I'm saving up for Akiko Shikata's Laylania, as well as Katayoku no Tori and Byakumu no Mayu. :D

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