Friday, June 29, 2012

Japanese Translation (Found in Drafts) I've deciede to post my old Japanese translation of this cool song. :)

All it Takes for your Dreams to Come True
Yume ga kanau subete no kakaru

Artist: A Skylit Drive

Fire rages in me
Boku no naka kasai ga gekido suru
Never want to see the roses on your door
Kesshite kimi no doa ni bara mitakunai

People connected to me right now (formerly called Wanted List)

Inspired by my old posts, I've decided to make a new "safer" post similar to one of them.
Again, I do not own these people:

Alphabetically arranged:
  1. Akiko Shikata
  2. Chitra Santy
  3. Felix Kjellberg
  4. Frederick Siao
  5. Gerard Way
  6. Haley Bishop
  7. Izia Higelin
  8. Kitsi

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Avengers Time!

I'm back from a beautiful adventure, guys!

Me and my boyfriend had a trip to Festival Mall, Alabang yesterday. And you know what we came for?

Marvel's Avengers.
That's right - we're catching the very last showing of this movie, since it's not showing on SM City Lucena anymore. But first...let me tell you why I've suddenly taken an interest in a mainstream film, which I am not normally doing in my life in the past.