Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Rain, Where are You?

So, it's been a while since I last blogged. I'm here to tell you some stuff that I've been through in the last month.

First of all, I was surprised by my friends with a beach party in Tayabas, Quezon, and some fun bonding moments. It was grand; I am very grateful to everyone there, especially my boyfriend and my new best friend.

Me and my bf, Champ.

Me and my bff, Lizette.

Next, we bought stuff from Manila (Alabang). We had a family road trip to Starmall (formerly Metropolis) and to Festival Supermall afterwards. Festival Supermall, in case you didn't know yet, was the place where I got lost when I was a little kid. It was very memorable, and the nearest place from Quezon Province to buy a MIDI Controller/Keyboard.

Breakfast at Chowking Starmall.

Dad and little bro hunting for cars.

No MIDI Keyboards here...

Time to head to a new destination.

And...we're here!

CME M-Key, bought from Hi Fi Lounge.

Brings back memories.

Lunch time at Chowking...well, one of the two Chowking stores.

Time to go home! Not to Camella but to Quezon Province. :)
And here are the stuff that I bought:

CME M-Key MIDI Keyboard/Controller.

Set of Sailormoon figurines.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Born This Way. No I am not angry at mainstream anymore. :)

Me and my dad also had a jogging trip around the unexplored parts of our town. Exhausting but
Alvarez Subdivision.
A beautiful tower. Ar Tonelico?
Looks like from a dream "Honey Flight".
Tip from De Veyra's Wasak segment "Pulutang Wasak Espesyal (PWE)".
Time to eat! :)

And last, but not the least, finally being able to get my Akiko Shikata CD (Harmonia) from the post office, which I ordered from CDJapan. It took 12 days from when I ordered to get here. It was my life-long dream to order something online, and Shikata fulfilled it. :)

Harmonia CD.

Back cover.

The inside of the CD case. Beautiful CD design, huh?

Lyric booklet.

CD along with the package wrapper.
And that's pretty much for now! If you want to catch up with some updates on my personal life and music, check out my FB and Twitter pages. Thanks!

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