Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SM City San Pablo

If only I had a WiFi/Smartphone/Android phone to make this post in the exact location. :<

Some people think it's a crappy mall with almost no difference from SM City Lucena. We went there to prove their claims.

Amidst the Marvel and Mythical Detective theories (if you know what I mean) and Creepypasta fandom, I think it's time for boredom to go to sleep. SM City San Pablo was, of course, one of the "newer" SM designs, and that means, futuristic orange layouts, unlike the one in Lucena.

But it only had a 2nd floor.

After my mom was contented for my little brother's new clothes and school stuff, I rushed into Astroplus in the hopes of getting ANY My Chemical Romance CD (preferably The Black Parade or Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge).

The answer I got from the storekeepers, "What's My Chemical Romance? A band?"

And I was like:

To cheer myself up, I bought the following stuff from the department store (known now as "The SM Store").

 (By the way guys, in the Philippines, Lays are a treasure, because they are worth more than local potato snacks. Only rich people can buy them, so I took the opportunity when I had it.)

And what further cheered me up was this. After me and my dad went back to the supermarket to buy Tanduay Ice (blue and red),  I saw this random guy with a white shirt. AND DID YOU KNOW WHAT WAS PRINTED ON HIS WHITE SHIRT?

If anyone (in the Philippines) knows a good place to buy Ragecomic shirts, please inform me. I am from Quezon Province, which is obviously far. And when I do...

See you next time! :D

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