Tuesday, May 22, 2012

People You Shouldn't Hate or Criticize

1. Skrillex

 Dubstep is a deep, complex, and out of this world genre. It's not like someone could just simply sequence synth loops and repeat them over and over again - that would be techno, not dubstep. This genre requires medium to professional skill in music production; you need knowledge on automation, LFO, cutoff frequencies, etc. For my personal experience, it took me about 30 minutes just to make a 16-bar dubstep loop.

Sonny Moore, before he became Skrillex, was the vocalist of post-hardcore band From First to Last, so undergrounders know what I'm talking about. Going from one genre to another represents the need of advancement and making a person's life more exciting, not monotonous.

2. Lady Gaga

Sacrilege only exists in the mind. What you think is what exists. For example, if you believe in Jesus Christ, you see him in almost every sign and symbol in this planet. In my opinion, Gaga is not doing this to attack religions - she is doing it for art. She wants to be original, and you know that in this world full of copycats, it's very hard to be original. In fact, if you didn't understand the lyrics of "Judas", it's about trying to get away from temptation and trying to make up for your past sins.

Just remember this phrase: "Stupidity does not exist for people who are interested in such stupidity." In short, Gaga just has her own perception of life that we (or most of us) don't have.

3. Nicki Minaj

In an interview, I heard that she mentioned that she once worked in the field of theater arts - and that is really something. I mean, how many mainstream women actually make 'concept' videos? As far as I know, there is only Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Also, she mentioned that because she grew up with a broken family, she loves kids and wants them to have a better future than her, to be loved.

Listen to her rapping ability. She has the power to voice different characters (personas/alter-egos). Her most famous original characters are Roman Zolanski and Harajuku Barbie. If she were Japanese, she would definitely be a seiyuu. Not only that, she can rap really fast - faster than most male black rappers.

4. Mon Tulfo

Seriously, respect your elders, no matter how much gravity they have inflicted in the past. Every person in this world commits sins and crimes. No one is safe from temptation. No one is safe from anger, remorse, sadness and hatred. The guy is just trying to be nice and help that poor Cebu Pacific staff who is being yelled at in a wrong way. And you guys are just close-minded about the issue.

I mean, don't we have a God who is all-forgiving no matter how heavy our crimes are, according to the teachings of the Bible? Sometimes it makes me wonder why people say Hell exists, if God is like that.

5. T3 (Raffy, Ben, Erwin Tulfo)

The reason why the Philippines is a fail country is because of the lack of discipline. We are too soft-hearted. We don't like to be judged. We have pride in ourselves, like ugly women on Facebook who post bora pics and think that they're FHM models.

And for this reason, the Tulfo brothers would rather use verbal force to force the order in us and give us a wake-up call. Especially for hard-headed bastards who never learn.

6. Rebecca Black

What is so shallow about Rebecca Black? Seriously? Her voice is not annoying, it's somewhat original. "Friday" is not a love song, and that is a strong point about her. She is just an average teenager. Friday is simply a day of the week.

Try listening to her other song "My Moment" and you'll find the difference. Someone not singing love songs for a change is actually quite healthy in the music industry.

7. wil.i.am

Before you criticize him, you should first know what House, Electropop and Autotune were first used with. Daft Punk. They make sense of it all.

Autotune can sound beautiful when it's used properly. And wil.i.am is definitely using it properly, unlike some black rappers.

8. Willie Revillame

Same reason as Mon Tulfo. Sure, he might have had so many cases, and other miscellaneous airhead stuff in the past, but you can see the sincerity in his eyes. Everyone of us has a weakness that we cannot control  - it is what makes us who we are. No matter how much we try to cover ourselves with make up, it will eventually wash out when it rains.

And Willie is just trying to be true to himself.

9. Sharon Cuneta

You don't know Sharon's wit. She has won many intellectual game shows (e.g. Who Wants to be a Millionare, around two times already). In fact, she is a wide reader. I mean, read her tweets - it's not like she's you average celebrity who doesn't know how to act properly, both offline and online.

Those who criticize her are only criticizing her outside appearance when they actually have no match for her intellect.

10. David Guetta

I would like to tell you guys that I am a big fan of House and Electronic music, even since high school (2004-2007). In fact, I subconsciously wished that it would somehow go mainstream...and LOL it did.

Anyways, David Guetta is a cool artist. He's like Bee Gees with a touch of Daft Punk. And no, you don't know how DJs work. Being a DJ is thrice (or even more) as hard as singing while playing an instrument.

11. Judas Iscariot

We've probably discussed this before, if you happened to see Lourd de Veyra's episode of WOTL "Hudas Ka!", or the suddenly controversial "Gospel of Judas".

The thing is, whether Gospel of Judas is true or not, we shouldn't judge Judas that way. He's also a human being who wants forgiveness from God. All of us receive equal grace and forgiveness from God, as told by the scriptures. So why not Judas? I mean, Peter also betrayed Jesus in his own way, and he got forgiven. Seems unfair, right?

12. Mo Twister

Look, I don't wanna sound selfish, but it's true. Mo is just being honest. Or maybe he should just create an alter-ego of himself and then make tirades of mainstream acts like Charice for that matter. It's hard being a celebrity, especially if you're like Mo, but hate repetitive and worthless mainstream acts.

He can't voice out like any of us, and not get libeled.

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