Monday, May 7, 2012

NAIA 3 MMA Scenario.

You are probably thinking that I would be biased for Mon Tulfo during the incident at NAIA 3. You may be right.

But let's take a look at both sides first.

On Claudine and Raymart's side, Mr. Tulfo is like an old washed-out man who is a threat to their public image. The thing is, everyone (artists or not) have privacy rules, and you can't just go on barging into someone else's mischief or business. That is what Claudine thinks. And as the husband, Raymart's tendency is to cover up his wife's mischief, which, according to DZRH radio reports, already occurred three times (the yelling at flight staff I mean). Everyone has a dark side - Piolo Pascual, Kris Aquino, Maricel Soriano, Willie Revillame (pardon me but he does, though he is trying to overcome it), Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Luis Manzano, Anne Curtis, and countless mainstream personalities.

But even the undergrounders too (like me) have dark sides. For example, let me give you a quote from one of Nicki Minaj's songs:
"I can be selfish, yes so impatient. Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe."
So to be blunt, Mr. Tulfo made a sort-of trespassing of privacy for the sake of his job. Or is it?

Now, let's look at Mon Tulfo's side. According to his narration, he felt sorry for the poor Cebu Pacific employee who is literally being chewed right and left by who we call one of the most prominent actresses on television. Tulfo also said that it was okay to scold the staff, due to the airline company's poor services and customer handling. But, according to him, it would have been easier and done if the woman just yelled at the staff for the sake of her job instead of verbally choking her in a personal way. But instead, she let her true persona out, and this is what pissed Mr. Tulfo off, which eventually led to Raymart cutting into the scene.

But the real question is: why didn't Tulfo use a spy camera or zoom instead?

As for my judgement (to be fair for the sake of Filipino-pride-obsessed-mainstream-go-getters-and-underground-bashers), I believe that both of them have offended something. Tulfo was a nosy person trying to get a good scoop, while Claudine was literally like a woman hell-bent on cursing everyone in her way. On the other hand, Raymart is just being a protective husband, that is all.

Perhaps in this way, we become more open-minded on what celebrities really look like behind the camera. Artists are not gods or goddesses; they are people like us. They shout, curse, spit behind people, land punches, get hurt, bleed, curse some more, protect, cry, and eventually, lie about every single crap that they did in front of the camera. But that's only for the sake of their job and their fans. Or is it to stir controversy and gain fame? What an old, overrated strategy that is. Pity them.

But in the end, I have this song to say to every person who will comment on the issue and support the side who has more money, more fame, and more "dramatic expression". And it's not just her: thousands like her as well. Oh and one more thing: you are welcome to post as many hate messages as you like: this is only my personal opinion. :)

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