Sunday, April 8, 2012

Filipino Pride or Christian Humility?

Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda, Manny Pacquiao, Maria Aragon, Bruno Mars, apl.d.ap, the Younghusband brothers and their football team, and all others like them.

And now there's that white dude from the west who criticized us for being pigs.

Filipino pride had a different meaning from the era of Lea Salonga. It meant that no matter how "long-legged" we are in the eyes of the foreigners, we still strive to improve our personalities and culture. We aimed for the best and listen to criticism carefully. We give respect to other countries aside from our own.

But Filipino pride has taken a huge shift since Facebook got mainstreamed. Now, it generally means that "I don't f***in care if we have restrooms that smell like warthogs; Charice is an international success and you know it." Or things like "So what if the Philippines is the most corrupt country in Asia? Other countries have corruption as well, and even worse."

We are not clearly seeing the big picture.

Let's put it this way: I am a new artist and have just recently started using FL Studio. Of course, because I am a beginner, my music sucks. But how do I get better? I listen to critics, watch YouTube tutorials, and ask real producers on how to make my music sound more professional and realistic.

The same is true for us, the Filipinos.

One of the most profound concepts in Christianity is humility. Aside from love and suffering, humility is the gist of Jesus Christ's lifetime and teachings. If we are true Christians, why don't we practice humility as well? Or are we just too stubborn to listen to others because we want to think of ourselves as "perfect beings"?

You know, if we put it another way, we are no different from the Israelites who became air headed simply because they were God's "chosen people". Just because we are pretty geniuses in our own little ways doesn't mean we should brag about it and be sensitive to negative comments. That's like ignoring the judge's comments on a talent search show.

From a recent news report (I just saw it on TV early this year), Asia has 7 countries which represent the 7 capital sins:
1. Pride / Vanity - Philippines
2. Greed / Avarice - China
3. Envy - India
4. Anger - North Korea
5. Lust - Japan
6. Gluttony - Taiwan
7. Sloth - South Korea

So as you can see, we are not just the most corrupted country in Asia, but we are also the Pride capital of Asia, which is worse.

Here are more examples. People and fans react in anger when:
1. Piolo Pascual is labeled as gay.
2. They talk about the "20 reasons why I hate the Philippines" video.
3. Azkals are criticized for not being Filipinos.
4. Any form of attack against OPM music today.
5. Sacrilegious stuff (that's self-explanatory since we are supposed to be close-minded people). Take note: I am not bashing religion; I am bashing close-minded people.

Maybe it's time we repent on one of our greatest sins of all, which is pride. After all, the Holy Week just passed. Instead of going to an overrated Bora or other 5-star resorts, why don't we think about it.

After all, I admit: I am also a person filled with pride and stubbornness. Therefore I am a Filipino as well.