Thursday, February 9, 2012

Turn Back Now? Yes, No, Pwede!

So here I am. Going to post from a mini-gadget on my Windows 7 Desktop. Hello world!

I have a lot of projects and work lately, but I still find time for recreation and breaks. Recently, I just re-watched two Cartoon Network movies: Dexter's Ego Trip, and The Powerpuff Girls movie. I felt very inspired and refreshed. Thank you 90s Cartoon Network.

Because of a bunch of events, I have a new album plan, but it's going to be instrumental again. My other album is currently on the editing and rendering stage so please wait for a while. Also, since my website isn't renewed yet, listening to my other albums is still on hold. However, I'll handle it soon after some real-life projects and business. Yes, this tiny girl has to make a living too. :(

I'm ending my post here, because ther is just too much to say, like Nicki Minaj's imaginary characters, the creepy pasta form of Gold from Pokemon Lost Silver, more fandom of Cho from Bongcheon-Dong Ghost, going back to the theories of Judas Iscariot, re-playing and re-finishing Collapse 3 and many many more! Whoops! I think I just said almost all of it. XD

Good night and pleasant dreams!

May the stars shine until the end of your journey. - Piros the 3rd