Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA and PIPA - decline of Internet innovation?

In case you didn't know yet, Wikipedia, and many other sites have started a blackout strike because of SOPA and PIPA, two bills that may affect our worldwide internet use.

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Here is my reaction.

Seriously, why are they working on this? It's like banning Facebook, YouTube or similar sites. It's ruining the fun, creativity, and love of the Internet. "Imagine a world without free knowledge", says Wikipedia. I understand that piracy is a threat to people who work hard. But let's face it - no one can stop piracy. That's like saying "I can eliminate all the bad guys and criminals of this world so that it will be a perfect world". No dude, you're wrong. Remember the theories of Yin and Yang? Darkness without light is bad. But light without darkness is also bad. Piracy can never (and should never) be truly stopped - because sometimes bad things can bring about good things.

Try to imagine: if SOPA and PIPA were implemented long ago, would cover artists be discovered by recording companies? Would comedy skits and parodies be a big hit? Will there be epic stuff in the internet? Absolutely none. This is what could happen.

As for me (and many underground/unsigned artists), this is a big problem, as we cannot freely produce music anymore. Only fully original content. But how about when we want to remix or remake something? I know originality is good, but seriously, a flat, strict world is even worse than a world covered in full-time piracy.

Piracy creates art. Piracy creates music. It explores and gives people the opportunity to leave their seats and be free.

So I fully support Anti-SOPA and Anti-PIPA. Our lives in the World Wide Web depend on it.

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