Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost: Expanding the Fanbase

I've decided just recently to re-activate my deviantART account, since a lot of Cho followers are here.
I will be posting in this entry all that I know about the comic due to constant research.

1. Cho (조) is the ghost in the manhwa (obviously a lot of fans already know that due to the official English translation). The Cho is actually her surname so her first name is quite unknown.

2. The creator of the comic/manhwa is Horang (호랑). This is his blog. You can also check out his FB fanpage here.

3. There was an interview about Horang and his ghost comics (Oksu Station Ghost and Bongcheon-Dong Ghost). In this page, there is a video where he reveals that the ghost are actually made from 3D modeling software. You can see the 3D model of Cho's head and that nasty hand from Oksu Station.

Here are screenshots:

4. If you happen to know Serial Experiments Lain (a cyberpunk anime during the '90s), you would notice many similarities with the Mystery Sketch series of Horang. Take a look at this comparison chart I made.

I hope this helps out all the Cho fans! XD


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