Wednesday, November 23, 2011

She is not here!!! *dies* ~Bongcheon-Dong Ghost~

If you've read my post here, I'm actually talking about this cool (and suddenly popular) Korean manhwa (comic) called Boncheon-Dong Ghost (봉천동 귀신), which is a moving-picture manhwa that will eat your soul away (literally).

Warning: Not advised for the weak-hearted, with medical conditions, etc.
Also, I advise you guys to watch it a daylight, with a small browser window, and never scroll down (unless you wanna see the good action).
But click here if you dare want to see it. =)

Though I was left in shock for 2-3 weeks (because I saw it at midnight and all alone), I really loved the backstory when I searched for the translation in the internet. It was actually about a ghost of a woman with a disoriented body and a bloody face who died committing suicide due to her divorce. She lost the custody of her 2-year-old daughter on that divorce because of her affair (with another man, I guess). Back then (when I had totally no knowledge about Korean/Hangeul), I thought it was a poor crippled man teaching a little girl a lesson about having upright feet (which was similar to a story I read back when I was in elementary). But now everything makes sense, and I don't feel that much scared anymore; in fact, I feel sorry for her.

The official English translation romanized the woman's name as "Cho", but lots of translations on the web translate it as "Jo" or "Ms. Jo". When I went back to the manhwa itself, it reads 조씨 (jo-sshi), and I learned that -sshi is an honorific slightly similar to the Japanese honorific -san, which is used for addressing people politely. Either way, she has a weird name (or is it a surname?). Not to mention, when she does that 180 degrees backflip thingy, was that because she's a ghost/zombie of sorts and her twisted bones...or was she by any chance a gymnast during her life? LOL that was just...meh.

There were so many moral lessons I've learned from that manhwa. So many dear memories, and spilled coffee. XD

1. Never drink coffee at night.
2. Never trust Facebook links.
3. Not all ghosts with short hair are guys.
4. Never trust Flash.
5. Never ever commit suicide by jumping off a building.
6. Red eyes, pale skin, and slightly blurred blood are effective scary effects.
7. Stuttering pictures are effective scary effects.
8. Never have an affair with someone else.
9. Never approach strangers (especially crippled ones) in the middle of the night.
10. Never go to Bongcheon-Dong at night.

Well, this is currently my biggest obsession. The thing is, I have a self-goal within me, and that is to "conquer and chibify all ghosts, zombies, spirits, lost souls, etc. who are worthy enough". XD

Either way, this is one really twisted story (pun intended).

I hope she gets her baby/daughter back. *prays*

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