Saturday, November 5, 2011

O2Jam Analog! ~오투잼 아날로그

So we thought O2Jam was all over.
But since the dawn of Angry Birds and Android Phones, things have just begun.

And so begins a new journey, with returning visitors.
O2Jam Analog is going to be available for Android Phones. 

This is their official site.
And this is their official YouTube channel, where you can listen to the songs.
Also, you can check out a download page for the songs:

As you can see, there are many new artists and returning ones, like BeautifulDay, Brandy, nao.paradigm, and others.

But I was overwhelmed when I saw Pory and SHK are back.

These guys are the root of my music career. They're not your average monotonous K-pop that you hear everyday - they're dynamic and full of beautiful melodies.

Here are my review of some of the songs:

Pory - %qw
- He is back with a new (yay for vocaled!) single in the hardcore electronica genre. As expected of him (like long time ago), his music has a taste of power and coolness, true to his percent (%) series. And since I'm learning Korean/Hangeul these days, I managed to get the lyrics. I'll post all of the lyrics (of all O2Jam songs I know) on a separate post.

S.I.D. Sound - Visual Dream II (In Fiction)
- A remake of Brandy's "Visual Dream" from the original PC counterpart of O2Jam. I'd say, this is WAY better than the original. It resembles J-rock style but still maintains the awesomeness of Brandy's composition style. S.I.D. sound's vocalist is so awesome, and of course, the lead guitar made it more catchier. Brilliant song. Addictive.

Pory (ER-5) - Light
- Aww, this thing almost made me cry. It's so beautiful. It reminds me of NicoNicoDouga's Hana-tan when she collaborated with Yuyoyuppe. Anyway, I also happen to know that Pory also went by the artist name ER-5, because I got to contact him in MSN years ago (when O2Jam was blooming in the Philippines and K-pop was never mainstreamed yet). It's heartwarming and the reason why I cried is because some guy posted on that Pory might be deceased (and this might be his last song). BUT HE IS WRONG! Because Pory is back with two new songs, %qw and %S. Thank God!

There is also Zeron's "Invitation", which is like an LSS in my head. It's so catchy I REALLY want to remake it. XD

Overall, I am so happy that the O2Jam fever have not died down. And I'm also thankful that they reincarnated today, during the post-Korean-goes-mainstream-beating-down-Japan-then-Kazaki-rants-about-unfairness era. It's really awesome to embrace these guys' music, because we are all Asians and like it or not, these were a part of my musical heritage.

Till then, gidaehaseyo/otanoshimini! =D
기대하세요! お楽しみに!

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