Wednesday, November 23, 2011

She is not here!!! *dies* ~Bongcheon-Dong Ghost~

If you've read my post here, I'm actually talking about this cool (and suddenly popular) Korean manhwa (comic) called Boncheon-Dong Ghost (봉천동 귀신), which is a moving-picture manhwa that will eat your soul away (literally).

Warning: Not advised for the weak-hearted, with medical conditions, etc.
Also, I advise you guys to watch it a daylight, with a small browser window, and never scroll down (unless you wanna see the good action).
But click here if you dare want to see it. =)

Though I was left in shock for 2-3 weeks (because I saw it at midnight and all alone), I really loved the backstory when I searched for the translation in the internet. It was actually about a ghost of a woman with a disoriented body and a bloody face who died committing suicide due to her divorce. She lost the custody of her 2-year-old daughter on that divorce because of her affair (with another man, I guess). Back then (when I had totally no knowledge about Korean/Hangeul), I thought it was a poor crippled man teaching a little girl a lesson about having upright feet (which was similar to a story I read back when I was in elementary). But now everything makes sense, and I don't feel that much scared anymore; in fact, I feel sorry for her.

The official English translation romanized the woman's name as "Cho", but lots of translations on the web translate it as "Jo" or "Ms. Jo". When I went back to the manhwa itself, it reads 조씨 (jo-sshi), and I learned that -sshi is an honorific slightly similar to the Japanese honorific -san, which is used for addressing people politely. Either way, she has a weird name (or is it a surname?). Not to mention, when she does that 180 degrees backflip thingy, was that because she's a ghost/zombie of sorts and her twisted bones...or was she by any chance a gymnast during her life? LOL that was just...meh.

There were so many moral lessons I've learned from that manhwa. So many dear memories, and spilled coffee. XD

1. Never drink coffee at night.
2. Never trust Facebook links.
3. Not all ghosts with short hair are guys.
4. Never trust Flash.
5. Never ever commit suicide by jumping off a building.
6. Red eyes, pale skin, and slightly blurred blood are effective scary effects.
7. Stuttering pictures are effective scary effects.
8. Never have an affair with someone else.
9. Never approach strangers (especially crippled ones) in the middle of the night.
10. Never go to Bongcheon-Dong at night.

Well, this is currently my biggest obsession. The thing is, I have a self-goal within me, and that is to "conquer and chibify all ghosts, zombies, spirits, lost souls, etc. who are worthy enough". XD

Either way, this is one really twisted story (pun intended).

I hope she gets her baby/daughter back. *prays*

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

100 self facts -2011 edition-

Yeah, decided to do this AGAIN for the sake of boredom randomness, and maybe Jedi cookies. XD

1. I am not fond of teleseryes/drama series.
2. I love randomness to the death.
3. My love and I knew each other for almost 3 years already.
4. I have 500+ original characters.
5. I am currently obsessed with Akiko Shikata.
6. I use FLStudio and Reason for music production.
7. I dislike overrated things.
8. Brainstorming and daydreaming are some of my hobbies.
9. I love instant noodles, seafood, and mangoes.
10. I don't like reality shows.
11. TV is usually boring for me.
12. I have springy hair accessories.
13. I am fond of Angry Birds merchandise thought I don't really play the game itself.
14. I used to be fond of the Periodic Table of Elements, memorizing the symbols.
15. I support the "Think before you click" movement.
16. Whenever I see something horrible and scary and I'm on caffeine, I can't sleep at night.
17. Oddly enough, I started to ignore the weather conditions lately.
18. I use my iPod nano and Wilfone for soundtrips.
19. I have some CDs of Yu-gi-oh! episodes in English dub.
20. My dream is to cosplay Sailormoon, who is also referenced in my album, Lost Utopia Act III.
21. Sum41 was also on my earliest playlists.
22. Now I am afraid of using Facebook and browsing the News Feed during nighttime.
23. I'm currently self-studying Hangeul (Korean).
24. My signature style came from my mom's.
25. I am childish, and I shall eat the world alive.
26. My YouTube account is 3 years old.
27. My deviantART account is 5 years old.
28. I used to compose MIDI instrumental songs, until I got bored and decided to put vocals on them.
29. I only learned to drink coffee after college.
30. My album series, Lost Utopia, is a collection of songs inspired by my own dreams.
31. Currently, I have 10 official diaries/journals that I keep, plus a few short and unofficial ones.
32. I have 2 USB PS1 controllers at home to play my PS1 emulator.
33. I believe that the only person who can make us happy is ourselves.
34. I miss playing video games on consoles.
35. My Japanese surname, Kanagawa, is actually a prefecture in Japan.
36. I have allergic rhinitis.
37. My real dream is to become a multimedia artist and musician.
38. Majority of my classical remakes are Ludwig Van Beethoven's originals.
39. I have never played Ragnarok nor DotA.
40. Sometimes, I think that I'm not destined for meeting online friends at all.
41. I just recently discovered that you can search something from an entire conversation with someone on Facebook.
42. My kind of movie genres are fantasy, science fiction, and sometimes adventure.
43. I have two plushes: a Miku Hachune (with a leek) and a My Melody plushie (which I won from a claw machine in Tom's World).
44. I have a porcelain doll named Edward, who ridiculously looks like a young Edward Cullen.
45. I have a huge yellow Santa Bear given by my love one Christmas season.
46. I am fond of age progression, but I don't want to grow up at all.
47. My cellphone is a Wilfone M16.
48. I wish shells could be fairy telephones.
49. I also wanted to cosplay Aqua of Kingdom Hearts BBS (though I haven't played the game yet due to lack of PSP).
50. I love Ligo Sardines.
51. I especially don't want to kill Barney (seriously).
52. I'm an adaptor.
53. I don't like very sweet food anymore, unless it's mangoes or mango juice/shake.
54. Heinz Streit of Kensei Sacred Fist was one of my favorite characters, whom I always connect to Heinz Ketchup.
55. Our first ISP was Digitel.
56. I used Jazz++ Midi Sequencer before I learned FL Studio.
57. A lot of my early friends and classmates are BS Nursing graduates.
58. Aside from O2Jam, I recently learned how to play GuitarFreaks.
59. I currently have 742 drawings/deviations, 9,237 comments and 21,672 pageviews in my deviantART account.
60. I have composed about 260 original songs and 50 remakes by quick estimation.
61. Mom and dad met each other on Cala De Oro beach (now out of business).
62. I don't text and chat very much; only for important matters.
63. I wish my mind has a Twitter, with unlimitted character length.
64. Recently, I got tired of the internet, especially social networking sites.
65. I also listen to slow rock sometimes.
66. I hate getting startled, especially at a night full of caffeine.
67. I used to collect Otaku Zine Anime Magazines.
68. I want to break free and be myself.
69. I'm gonna be a freelancer for the things I love.
70. I don't drink softdrinks, but learned the hell out of it like listening to a genre weird to me.
71. I don't eat menthol candies.
72. Though I'm a Justin Bieber hater, I actually like "Never Say Never" for its message and melody.
73. I wished before that electronic/techno and J-pop would get mainstreamed. But dubstep and K-pop got the spot instead.
74. I don't like watching or reading ANY romance story, especially when it's a love triangle and the guys are hot.
75. I wish the Philippines would somewhat receive a lesson on the dawn of 2012.
76. I actually wanted to take AB Multimedia Arts, but it's not available in our university, and I can't study outside the province.
77. I'm an Emo kid, and proud of it.
78. During August 27, 2011, 12 midnight, I came across a life-changing image that made me not sleep during the rest of the evening, dawn, and  morning.
79. My current journal is a Winnie The Pooh designed one.
80. I am 20 years old.
81. I'm a Cancerian.
82. I used to be on our school paper during High School.
83. I love Selecta Cornetto!
84. My latest band performance was at SM Megamall, an Anime/Cosplay event.
85. I'm a "Kapatid" (TV5).
86. Promise breakers, though I hate them, will always be here in this world no matter how hard I try to forget them.
87. Recently, I just learned how to sing with vibrato (since a lot of my influence singers don't do vibrato that much).
88. I love french fries, especially flavored ones.
89. I also used Cubase and Vocaloid for music production.
90. I only use Antares Autotune VST as an effect, not as a vocal correction tool.
91. My favorite restaurant is Chowking.
92. I am one of the few people who idolize Lain Trzaska, Yuyoyuppe, and of course, Akiko Shikata.
93. I usually tune in to Lourd De Veyra's YouTube channel (since TV5 is not very available in all of Laguna) to catch up with the awesome "Word of the Lourd" series.
94. I have an Angry Birds invisible inked pen that uses ultraviolet rays (like those in money checkers).
95. I currently have 15+ original languages, and currently know (or have some knowledge of) 6 official languages, plus 2 miscellaneous languages.
96. I currently have 105 posts here in my blog (including this post).
97. I am not that good with telephone conversations.
98. I have a Miku Hatsune poster in my room.
99. I officially started my music career in 2007.
100. I have a blue Angry Birds hat.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ichijiku: A Winter Story

It was the year 2013. After great and tragic natural calamities and disasters occurred all over the world during the end of 2012, the Philippines lost 75% of its population, leaving behind a wasteland of death. Great climate changes began to take place as the South Luzon region of the country began experiencing extreme snowfall, leading to the beginning of an ice age.

Lifestyle became hoarse and wasted for the provinces of this region. However, a lot of people from foreign countries started settling down on this country, thus giving birth to new civilizations. The province of Laguna, now dubbed by new inhabitants as Edenia, is filled with the most snow in the region. 

A little girl named Sierra Sarabande lives in Keylim, formerly Calamba. She goes to high school in the midst of the cold weather, fulfilling her deceased parents’ dream of getting a good job somewhere, even at the destruction of the country. 

Each day, she rides the jeep going to school. This school is only a few meters away from the former SM City Calamba (mall). But one day, she encounters a guy who always wore shades, and whom she would always see at the jeep she rides. She was intrigued by his presence, as if something in her heart starts to react. Though she would always deny it and keep it inside her heart, she eventually found herself always expecting him at the jeep.

But she was too afraid to ask of his name.

Later on, she found out that the guy works at a stall in a small portion of the former SM City Calamba. Even at that point, she was too afraid to ask, since people might intrigue her. But deep in her heart, she felt a strong connection to him. She felt as if she already had the keys to escape from this boring lifestyle in the ice age and live under the sun in some sort of paradise world. With these thoughts, she began to drift away from school and life itself.

Her grandmother noticed her actions, that on one night, she gave her these words:

“Paradise doesn’t exist by itself. Only you can create it.”

The next day, Sierra was very much deep in thought that she almost bumped into any object she comes across. And later on at the jeep, she almost slipped.

Luckily, that guy with the shades saved him. She never thought that they would go home at the same exact time. She thanked him in a shy way; not looking at his eyes, then ran off to the district where she belonged.

However, the next morning wasn’t very kind to her. The guy wasn’t there on the jeep. Sierra thought that maybe he’s absent or sick. Because during that time, almost everyone had either acute, moderate, or severe winter sickness that would usually display excessive coughing, cold, fever, and the like, due to the weather condition.
Sierra was in deep thought the whole day. She couldn’t focus completely on everything she does.
Later on, she decided to stop by at a shop on the way home. But on the other side of the road, there was a banner/tarpaulin of someone who died. Though feeling nervous, she quickly ran towards the place, and was greatly shocked.

It was the same guy at the jeep whom he admired and who saved her life. His name was Kouichi Nakagawa, a Japanese immigrant, and died just yesterday.

Although she was deeply hurt, she decided not to barge in and kept the matter to herself. 

The next day, she decided not to go to school, but to the mini stall where Kouichi used to work on. On her way near the highway road (which was quite deserted because of the heavy snowfall), she meets a guy in a blue jacket, with shades. Upon getting closer to him, the guy takes off his shades and tells her these words:

“Have Faith in God.”

And then he left. It was Kouichi’s spirit. It was definitely him. 

Sierra’s heart began to race as tears started to burst from her weak eyes. Then suddenly, she saw a blinding light towards the horizon. Without regret, she ran towards the light and spread out her arms, as if she was going to fly.

When she opened her eyes, she was in a completely different world. Looking back, she saw her dead body lying in the snow, and looking forward, it was a sunny paradise, with all of the people who died before and during the ice age. This was her dream. Now it’s a reality.

At a walking pace, she sees a guy under a fig tree. It was Kouichi. Sierra had no more regrets and ran towards him. 

In year 2013, a little girl proved that even small miracles can occur during great disasters and hopeless times. We are all humans who need happiness. There is no one else who can supply it to us, except ourselves.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

O2Jam Analog! ~오투잼 아날로그

So we thought O2Jam was all over.
But since the dawn of Angry Birds and Android Phones, things have just begun.

And so begins a new journey, with returning visitors.
O2Jam Analog is going to be available for Android Phones. 

This is their official site.
And this is their official YouTube channel, where you can listen to the songs.
Also, you can check out a download page for the songs:

As you can see, there are many new artists and returning ones, like BeautifulDay, Brandy, nao.paradigm, and others.

But I was overwhelmed when I saw Pory and SHK are back.

These guys are the root of my music career. They're not your average monotonous K-pop that you hear everyday - they're dynamic and full of beautiful melodies.

Here are my review of some of the songs:

Pory - %qw
- He is back with a new (yay for vocaled!) single in the hardcore electronica genre. As expected of him (like long time ago), his music has a taste of power and coolness, true to his percent (%) series. And since I'm learning Korean/Hangeul these days, I managed to get the lyrics. I'll post all of the lyrics (of all O2Jam songs I know) on a separate post.

S.I.D. Sound - Visual Dream II (In Fiction)
- A remake of Brandy's "Visual Dream" from the original PC counterpart of O2Jam. I'd say, this is WAY better than the original. It resembles J-rock style but still maintains the awesomeness of Brandy's composition style. S.I.D. sound's vocalist is so awesome, and of course, the lead guitar made it more catchier. Brilliant song. Addictive.

Pory (ER-5) - Light
- Aww, this thing almost made me cry. It's so beautiful. It reminds me of NicoNicoDouga's Hana-tan when she collaborated with Yuyoyuppe. Anyway, I also happen to know that Pory also went by the artist name ER-5, because I got to contact him in MSN years ago (when O2Jam was blooming in the Philippines and K-pop was never mainstreamed yet). It's heartwarming and the reason why I cried is because some guy posted on that Pory might be deceased (and this might be his last song). BUT HE IS WRONG! Because Pory is back with two new songs, %qw and %S. Thank God!

There is also Zeron's "Invitation", which is like an LSS in my head. It's so catchy I REALLY want to remake it. XD

Overall, I am so happy that the O2Jam fever have not died down. And I'm also thankful that they reincarnated today, during the post-Korean-goes-mainstream-beating-down-Japan-then-Kazaki-rants-about-unfairness era. It's really awesome to embrace these guys' music, because we are all Asians and like it or not, these were a part of my musical heritage.

Till then, gidaehaseyo/otanoshimini! =D
기대하세요! お楽しみに!