Friday, September 30, 2011

Shipment Dubbing Meets Samurai!

There were twenty days in a night cycle. Thirty weeks in a day’s routine. Forty hours in eternity.


In each box of candies, there were a million sugar-flavored ones. One-thousand are coffee-scented and two and a half billion are loved  by fairies. These boxes are linked together to form red obscure boxes, which are larger than life. If decibels from the future are offered to those black packaging tapes, I doubt that any samurai can slice through the strange-looking security.


A song crosses paths with a box.


A new tomorrow begins.


The corner of the wall shows nothing but a dead end. Each liter of flowing water from the stapler’s mouth shall add to the procedure’s workflow. I don’t understand why wires and trash cans are being eaten by rabbit-like critters that lurk beneath the crescent moon and throw away the excess lead.


Connect the wild flowers with the Italian spices. They are our only hope. Playing chess may mean more, but mice are never connected to the ports of the raging sea.


I wish for time cards and ID holders to obtain wings that can soar to the vast galaxies of the astral world.

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