Friday, September 9, 2011

A flying fish allows itself to be caught in the net.

Here are the specific things that occurred in my life starting from August 14 up to this day, September 9, 2011.

August 14 - 17
 - I longed for a copy of Lourd de Veyra's book, "This is a Crazy Planets" (which I already have now). In United Imaginary Islands (UI2), they have made a treaty that Bellueroia (country) will now be a part of the continent of UI2. I've also made some live piano song recordings and tried making a DIY acapella of Yuyoyuppe's "Hope" (sung by himself). And of course, my salary for my technical writing came.

August 18 - 21
- Through my bf, I finally found "Feel Like Dance" by Globe which is actually a childhood J-pop song. Lately, Chowking's Chinese-Style Chicken sort of changed its appearance. I also wrote an FL9 tutorial and tips on composition. I also recorded EXEC_LIGO/. because EXEC_HARMONIUS/. is too awesome.

August 22 - 25
- After getting "This is a Crazy Planets", I manage to finish my album, Lost Utopia Act III and upload it to the FTP site. My bf also listened to it (that made me happy). And our dear goddess, Akiko Shikata, released her new single "Utsusemi", with "LOST CHILDREN" as the B-side. LOST CHILDREN was rearranged, though.

August 26 - 29
- My bf randomly showed me a "moving-picture" horror manhwa (Korean manga) that left me shocked for almost 2-3 weeks. I also enjoyed playing some NES (family computer) games like Super Mario, Pacman & Galaxian at my PC-NES emulator. Then there was the marinated chicken after being shown the LAZORHS scene from Final Destination 5 (thank you Poko and Angela Aki LOL), and thanks to Daktarin for the cure on my mouth sore.

August 30 - September 2
- Receiving new technical writing assignments which are Office tutorials, I continued them for around 2-3 days while getting a calamansi hair bath. And it was September, the first day of "Philippine Christmas". I managed to finish them all eventually. Then to my surprise and amazement, Lourd de Veyra replied to my post via Twitter, while I was refreshing myself with some more study in Aramaic language.

September 3 - 6
- Watching "Letter Bee" on Animax somehow relaxed my mind. I also created language tags (which contains all of my languages of interest in small paper strips). We also went to Mainit Hot Springs to cure my dad and my cousin's wife. And of course, me and my bf met and talk about our plans in the future, as to where will we work and how about his and my future music endeavors. We spent so many fun times together eating, looking for job openings, and talking about in the city.

September 7 - 9
- I've decided to learn Hangeul (Korean Language) to get even, or maybe because of my "language addict" sense. It was okay but pretty hard. But I'm doing my best. Until my former boss at Ionics (during OJT) contacted me for a job slot. I had no other choice but to take the opportunity, even if it means going back "there". Thank God that I have a classmate whom I can stay (if ever I get absorbed) after a few weeks "there". I was so sad (but now I'm pretty much okay) that I even cried while doing a cover song, Akiko Shikata's "Doko He".

...and that's pretty much it. All were written in my personal diary/journal. Tahaha. XD

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