Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chicken feet mayhem.

This time, I'm posting something unrelated to my current real-life situation.

Let's begin with swans.

Swans are the most awesome birds I've ever seen. But second to them are, of course, flamingos, which can be seen yoyo-ing at Fantasia 2000. Disney has never been the same since the dawn of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Those two should have a cat fight for Justin Bieber, seriously. Although I think Charice Pempengco suits JB better than those bitches. Really.

Did I mention that Shamcey Supsup (Ms. Philippines and 3rd runner up for Ms. Universe 2011) either looks like Valerie Concepcion, Charice Pempengco, or that girl in the Hero TV commercial. But no, not Fame Flores - that's Sarah Geronimo Akiko Shikata. No to self. Yes to flowers.

I've actually been wondering why Shikata soundtracks for the weirdest (if not, special) anime and video games, usually BL games. That makes me wonder - should I get into Hanakisou? After all, BL is okay with me since I support gays. Haha.

So which mainstream gay is the best for me? I respect Vice Ganda, though. Mr. Fu and Shalala are okay for me. But who really strikes me the most? Michael V, the eminent cross-dresser. Though not technically gay, I like his wits. I've been a fan since the ABC-5 ages. Ahh, the good-old Pringles-munching days, with Sailormoon, of course.

This leaves us the ultimate question of all:

Can a teleport device really be invented ASAP in this era? I hope so.

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