Monday, August 22, 2011

The World of Fishes.

It is so titled because a lot of my topics for this entry has to do with fishes. Seriously.

First of all, I would like to show you my current interest.
This beautiful type of food.

It's Ligo Sardines, a 50-year-old sardine company in the Philippines, which has been pretty much in the underground scene because it's been there and the only sardine company - until many ones appeared. And that's why TV5 host Willie Revillame saved the poor little fishes - in the form of a Wiltime Bigtime endorsement. Personally, I really like their new (and first time after many years) commercials. Ligo is truly the saint of all sardines when it comes to both taste and quality. Have a Ligo!

It's so awesome that I even added it to a Pepper Dennis specialty.

Speaking of food, I also thought of a random (and brutal) story slightly based from my Diary of Broken series when we went to a Monterey meat shop at La Suerte Mega Warehouse (Pagbilao) some days earlier. I still don't know if it should be a short story or a concept music work. Let's just say it has something to do with meat and blood. Hahaha.

Another thing today is that I finally got a copy of this pretty book.

It's called "This is a Crazy Planets", written by Filipino musician/essayist/TV personality/critic/awesome guy Lourd de Veyra. His commentaries and point of views are definitely some kick-ass material, especially when you're that much of a mainstream critic (like me). Filipinos will definitely realize their mistakes when this man speaks for his ideals. The book is a collection of his witty essays from and is really worth buying for. It's already out since August 20, 2011, so you can grab your copy at any bookstore nationwide (I got mine at National Bookstore in SM City Lucena with a price of Php 195.00).

 And the third thing I want to share is this little teaser.

It's a new album I'm working on right now - the third part of the Lost Utopia series. From what I can tell you right now, it's going to be more "matured" than the first two albums, and is going to incorporate some of my new original languages like Viaalara, Bellueroian and Sphereian. I'll keep you updated when my album is launched and when my website is fully launched!

Well, that's pretty much the updates of my life for now. I hope everything will turn out okay for the next few days as I approach more craziness and yeah. See ya! =D

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